How to Get Free Polygon-based NFTs from Amazon Prime

Giving out free items is a good marketing strategy.  It creates buzz and excitement that could potentially translate to more business for companies.   Amazon Prime is applying this strategy by giving out free NFTs to its subscribers.  Users can now claim a free Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and in-game tokens from the game Mojo Melee.

Mojo Melee is an NFT game built on top of the Polygon Network, a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum (ETH) network.   It is an adventure and turn-based strategy game developed by Mystic Moose.  It allows players to create a unique team to battle in 1 vs 1 duel or 8 vs 8 matches.  The game was released last July 6, 2023, and can be played on PC and Mac platforms. 

What Can Amazon Prime Customers Get?

Prime Subscribers who register for a new gaming account with Mojo Melee will get an NFT champion character Gwyn Rockhopper and 850 Ore, the game’s non-crypto in-game currency.  What is unique about the free character is that it is minted as an NFT right away.  Ordinarily, the characters need to attain a certain level before they can be minted as an NFT.  Players who wish to skip the steps might find this a good deal.

Users who wish to take advantage of the promo might want to hurry up since the promotion is set to last for only six months.  Aside from the initial freebies, Prime subscribers can also get additional monthly drops of NFTs and other bonuses.

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Why is This a Big Deal?

There are a couple of reasons why this is a big deal.  First, Amazon Prime is part of the bigger umbrella Company Amazon, which Is one of the top 10 S&P 500 companies.   A partnership like this means that Amazon recognizes the potential of NFT games.  Think about it, why would Amazon partner with a blockchain game?  How will it benefit the company?  Companies like Amazon always look for a user base and this is a recognition that NFT games have the potential to attract many customers.  The potential is so big that a titan like Amazon has decided to enter a partnership with the game developer Mystic Moose.

Second, this is a big win for the Polygon (MATIC) Network.  The Polygon chain is known for its fast and cheap transactions.  With Amazon’s support, Mojo Melee can actually become a major player in the NFT gaming industry.   The partnership’s success can encourage more developers to build on top of the Polygon chain, which in turn would have a snowball effect on its popularity.    This ETH layer two is known for many partnerships but this one is probably one of the biggest.

Partnerships with traditional companies is what the digital asset community is looking for.  It gives credence to the utility of blockchain projects.  It proves that crypto chains are not fads, but rather a technology that we can build upon.  Amazon just gave the industry a thumbs-up.

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