How much did that house sell for? Recent sales from Douglas and Sarpy Counties


In the last few months, as interest rates have steadily climbed, local real estate agents have seen things slow down.


Aurora Homes LLC to Borsh, Kellie and Borsh, Eric, 7015 N. 171st Terrace, $78,500.

Poisel, Stephanie to Hume, Jon R. and Hume, Renee R., 7265 N. 155th St., $500,000.

Nolan Holdings LLC to Holdorf, Jaimey and Holdorf, Jodi, 19150 Bennington Road, $685,000.

Thieschafer, Todd Nicholas and Thieschafer, Jessica L. to Montgomery, Jeremy and Sorensen, Katelyn, 8151 N. 159th St., $410,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Beal, Jacquelyn G., 16629 Vane St., $347,091.

Rosenbaum, David G. and Rosenbaum, Janet M. to Erhart, Thomas W. and Gresham, Katie M., 16407 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $431,000.

Ashmore, Merle D. and Ashmore, Connie K. to Lebron, Coleman, 8104 N. 153rd Ave., $235,000.

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Sills, Jeremy S. to Estes, Hunter and Estes, Ramona, 15401 Clay St., $255,000.

Starke, Jonathan Casey and Starke, Laureli Grace to Vincitie, Brandon and Heier, Hanna, 15084 Mormon Circle, $293,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Bueltel, Terence L. Jr. and Bueltel, Erin, 17602 Samuel St., $421,670.

Wesemann, Michael A. and Wesemann, Lorraine G. to Stephens, Richard and Stephens, Abbie, 14836 Prairie Star St., $480,000.

HRC Anchor View LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 17621 Scott St., $94,950.

Stammer, Jason D. to Rowland, David O. and Jordan, Madison B., 15083 Mormon Circle, $305,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Schneider, Jacob and Schneider, Katherine, 11061 N. 171st St., $574,900.

Richland Homes LLC to Heydorn, Shawn, 17613 Tucker St., $347,886.

Merle R. Blum Trust and Blum, Merle R. Trustee to Christensen, Abbey, 2727 N. 189th St., $425,000.

Parkhurst, John and Korte, Joan to Birch, Patricia A. and Birch, Richard A., 4104 N. 194th St., $534,000.

Fools Inc. to Hariram, Udairam Pokkula and Garige, Nandini Priya, 5513 N. 208th St., $525,319.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wells, Matthew D., 5801 N. 181st Ave., $402,919.

Maxim Enterprises LLC to Johnson-Carlson, Pamela, 21002 E St., $682,000.

Whitten, Gordon to Rojas, Kala, 826 S. 201st St., $465,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Hartung, Michael J. and Hartung, Ashley L., 21026 E St., $804,511.

Charleston Homes LLC to Bedel, Kyle and Bedel, Amanda, 20450 Meredith Circle, $465,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Dees, Patrick L. and Dees, Michele R., 20910 Ellison Ave., $465,000.

Ellingson, Mary A. to Isaacson, Gary, 3415 N. 207th Ave., $299,900.

Milone, Gina D. and Hill, Apryl L. to Milone, Gina D. and Sample, Wendy, 3811 N. 189th St., $239,250.

Bramow, Susan G. and Bramow, Susan R. to Rodriguez, Raquel and Rodriguez, Frank, 20890 Bonanza Blvd., $962,000.

Magee, Todd A. to Foutch, Michael and Foutch, Tamara, 18616 Jones Circle, $370,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Wanninger, Grace and Stanzel, Nathan, 5412 N. 205th St., $589,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Grandhi, Venkata Satya Ravikanth and Grandhi, Prema Latha, 5808 N. 182nd Ave., $420,226.

McDonough, Laurel and Ketcham, Laurel to Egan, Patrick J. and Egan, Sadie K., 5110 N. 209th St., $477,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Greve, Timothy and Greve, Sadie, 5709 N. 182nd Ave., $368,260.

G & R. Investment Group LLC to Williams, Carly and Henderson, Dartan, 20014 Elkhorn Ridge Drive, $460,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Lattimore, Gary Lynn and Lattimore, Kahori, 5522 N. 208th Ave., $574,900.

NJS LLC to Brion, Chase A., 207 W. Valley St., $216,500.

Flatwater Lake LLC to Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting Inc., 28431 Laurel Circle, $199,000.

Taylor, Kimberly S. to G & R Investment Group LLC, 1403 N. 20th St., $150,000.

2215 Harney Street LLC to Kaiman, Bruce H. and Kaiman, Julie, 2221 Harney St., $3,000,000.

TCR Capital LLC to GTM Properties LLC, 4523 Burdette St., $170,000.

Holland, Jason and Ware, Mindy to Holland, Jason and Ware, Mindy, 6754 Pratt St., $67,900.

Peyton, Paul to Huber Home Investments LLC, 6324 Decatur St., $84,000.

Graham, Alicia to Ruwe, Nina J., 4534 Jaynes St., $173,000.

Reinard, Justin and Reinard, Jessica to Turek, Zachary T. and Turek, Brittany J., 6317 Parker St., $220,000.

Aye, Yin Yin to Griffin, Sarika, 3212 N. 49th St., $175,000.

FA Properties LLC to Rodriguez, Ruby A. Trevino, 5307 Boyd St., $196,000.

Your Property Solution LLC to Steele, Austin and Steele, Nicole, 4815 N. 60th Ave., $185,500.

Lemoine, Sara Marie to NEI Global Relocation Company, 5650 Burdette St., $316,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Conforti, Fernando G. and Conforti, Elizabeth R., 5650 Burdette St., $316,000.

Hajek, Dustin D. to Purdom, William Gerard, 1702 N. 49th St., $230,000.

Allen, Jesse J. to Hill, Sandra D., 2605 N. 70th Ave., $82,200.

Beltz, Kristin D. and Beltz, Cole W. to Culler, Timothy R. and Mahaffey, Michaela M., 5020 Miami St., $221,000.

Hart Laundry LLC to PHM XIV LLC, 2552 Leavenworth St., $250,000.

Gitchel, Audrey A. to Grace Home Solutions LLC, 521 S. 35th St., $130,000.

Dewitt, Jacob J. and Dewitt, Bethany A. to Steffes, Paul and Steffes, Ronette, 2703 S. 41st St., $144,000.

Mark Ocheretyanskiy & Lyudmyla Larina Revocable Trust and Ocheretyanskiy, Mark Trust to JLL Properties LLC, 2411 Pacific St., $127,500.

Maverick Empires LLC and Buss Enterprises LLC to Williams, Eric Sr., 4204 Hickory St., $275,000.

JH Properties LLC to Kilhead Capital LLC, 1119 S. 28th St., $270,000.

Dunaevsky, Salomea to Dunaevsky-Hutt, Anna and Hutt, Curtis, 3556 Woolworth Ave., $223,400.

Reeves, Kyle and Reeves, Kara to Leduc, Veronica, 4832 Pine St., $249,900.

Larsen, Adam M. and Larsen, Emilie W. to Huynh, Tho and Le, Anh, 1907 S. 61st St., $314,900.

Mathes, Benjamin J. and Mathes, Melissa A. to Hervert, Emily and Hervert, Emily Justine, 4528 Poppleton Ave., $330,501.

O’Brien, Michael Patrick and O’Brien, Michael P. to Dietrich, John T., 2317 S. 49th Ave., $206,000.

Ivy Properties Inc. to Lemire, Shaunie, 4541 Vinton St., $220,000.

Schmidt, Richard A. and Johnson, Deborah E., personal representative, to Kresnik, James D., 2612 S. 61st St., $100,000.

Taqueria El Rey Inc. to Perez, Miriam Beatriz Orozco, 5828 Walnut St., $180,000.

Abdinoor, Caleb M. and Abdinoor, Uilani C. to Lowman, Sarah, 1605 S. 55th St., $185,000.

McCool, Austin James and McCool, Shannon Leigh to Neville, Patrick J., 4132 Drexel St., $190,000.

Kellie J. Boury Irrevocable Trust and Boury, Mary J. Trustee to Mora, Luz Maria Diaz and Favela, Jesus Noel Herrara, 3710 U St., $60,170.

Kellie J. Boury Irrevocable Trust and Boury, Leonard J. 2 Trustee to Mora, Luz Maria Diaz and Favela, Jesus Noel Herrara, 3710 U St., $60,170.

Kellie J. Boury Irrevocable Trust and Sutton, Sarah R. Trustee to Mora, Luz Maria Diaz and Favela, Jesus Noel Herrera, 3710 U St., $60,170.

Vargas, Maria C. to Tovar, Gabriel and Maldonado, Yolanda Ramirez, 5646 S. 20th St., $155,400.

Azteca Investments LLC to Manriquez, Ivonne Reveles, 1220 Arthur St., $85,000.

Neal, Jana and Thompson, Jana to Howell, Jason B. and Schulz-Howell, Jodi, 3460 Jefferson St., $125,000.

Moreland, Michael D. and Moreland, Michael J., personal representative, to J&J Countertops LLC, 3327 Polk St., $79,000.

Perez-Vera, Tanya and Flores, Tanya to Jeremy R. Prunty Trust and Prunty, Jeremy R. Trustee, 1112 Arbor St., $35,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to KR Properties LLC, 828 S. 21st St., $100,609.

Pasillas, Ignacio and Pasillas, Olga to Dominguez, Manuel Pasillas and Pasillas, Lilia C., 1430 S. 17th St., $110,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Baez, Edwin M. and Francisco, Marleny, 2232 Mason St., $107,000.

Bozigian, Haig P. and Bozigian, Helen to Dang, Dat and Tran, Thuy Tram, 620 Pierce St., $300,000.

Becic, Jacqueline to 1880 House, 2326 S. 10th St., $20,000.

Escobar, Maria F. to Ramos, Felix, 1411 S. 15th St., $33,600.

Hammond, John J. and Hammond, Sandra L. to Brown, Robert, 5621 N. 14th Ave., $155,000.

Kay L. Askew Revocable Trust and Askew, Kay L. Trustee to Now Initiative, 2512 N. 24th St., $65,000.

5 Kings LLC to Two Blue Doors LLC, 2214 Florence Blvd., $90,000.

Badger Creek LLC to Yumbla, Kaicer Luciano Romero and Rivera, Jessica, 3514 N. 16th St., $40,000.

Wallace, Terrance L. and Wallace, Elizabeth to Hernandez, Manuel, 3935 Hartman Ave., $200,000.

Highlight Property Management LLC to GTM Properties LLC, 2520 Jaynes St., $260,000.

Hyde, William and Mitchell, Jennifer to Soto, Maynor Escobar, 2919 Erskine St., $90,000.

Kennedy, Bonnie Sue to Cadillac Investments LLC, 3714 Erskine St., $72,000.

Baker, Nakisha and Baker, Brian Sr. to Alvarado, Juan, 3532 N. 39th St., $45,000.

Official Developments LLC to Official Properties LLC, 4546 N. 36th Ave., $67,500.

Kilarney LLC to Chasse, Naomi, 4023 Himebaugh Ave., $30,000.

Pankey, Naree to Perez, Christopher, 2611 Maple St., $125,000.

Telford, David J. Sr. and Telford, Denise J. to Simply Better Solution LLC, 3735 N. 40th St., $85,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Genesis Holdings 2 LLC, 3502 Grand Ave., $105,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Lmk Holdings LLC, 3159 Grand Ave., $55,800.

Davault, Homer B. to Fuentes, Uvaldo and Acosta, Carmela Hernandez, 2742 Browne St., $70,000.

Purple Odyssey LLC to Weiand, Taylor R., 2877 Bauman Ave., $200,000.

Brewer, Zachary and Brewer, Veronica to Olinger, Zachary James and Whalen, Jodie Lee, 6915 N. 24th St., $170,000.

Parish, Nancy J. to Carlson, Jacob and Carlson, Chelsea, 3025 Vane St., $183,600.

Cullen, Thomas M. to Grate, Marty and Grate, Martin, 9913 N. 34th Circle, $299,000.

James Geiger Trust and Geiger, James M. Jr. Trustee to Wolf, Nathan J., 812 N. 88th Ave., $264,000.

Rodgers, Cory Allen and Rodgers, Janelle to Guardado, Jose, 7625 Hamilton St., $240,000.

Defreece, Todd M. and Defreece, Kourtney K. to McAndrews, Michael A. and McAndrews, Elizabeth A., 9462 Dewey Circle, $889,000.

Pemberton Conduit Trust and Pemberton, John W. Trust to Moser, Mark P., 8405 Indian Hills Drive 2B3, $225,000.

Neumann, Jason R. and Neumann, Melissa A. to Dyer, Nicole and Dyer, Dustin, 9111 Charles St., $173,400.

Cowan, Robert and Cowan, Montyna to Johnson, Matthew and Johnson, Jill, 6613 N. 157th Circle, $540,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Nieweg, Tessa and Nieweg, Michael, 5602 N. 177th St., $478,150.

Kavan, Amber and Kavan, Daniel to Newbauer, Robert and Newbauer, Rachel, 17547 Patrick Ave., $480,000.

Bueltel, Terence L. Jr. and Bueltel, Erin to Goracke, Travis Andrew, 4018 N. 172nd St., $215,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Crawford, Diamonique Elexus, 15209 Wirt St., $270,000.

Slizoski, Andy J. and Slizoski, Heather Dawn to Thakali, Bharosa Gauchan and Chaparro, Jesus Correa, 5061 W St., $151,000.

Hamblin, Brandon M. and Hamblin, Shilo M. to Smuck, Daniel R., 6253 Buckingham Ave., $116,900.

Oelco LLC to Garrett, Taylor, 17054 Hawthorne Ave., $299,500.

Nath, Steven L. and Nath, Steven to Palmtag, Debra, 1847 N. 175th Court, $240,000.

Elizabeth J. Gordon Trust and Gordon, Elizabeth J. Trustee to Storm, Christy and Storm, Christopher, 16349 Page St., $890,000.

GMK Investment Company Limited Partnership to Kshaye Holdings LLC, 1807 N. 169 Plaza #B., $283,700.

Kshaye Holdings LLC to GMK Investment Company Limited Partnership, 1820 N. 169th Pl., $272,400.

Lipari, Theodore 3 to Miller, Andrew Stephen and Miller, Chelsea Ann Marie, 16716 Leavenworth Circle, $489,900.

Knight, Kenneth L. and Knight, Jeanne M. to Knight, Jared T. and Marr, Preston T., 14605 N. 78th St., $106,000.

Krenzien, Jennifer to Flessner, Cameron and Flessner, Darius, 7622 Bauman Ave., $210,000.

RL Development LLC to Ajam Investments LLC, 7047 N. 102nd Circle, $701,478.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chan, Bishal and Chan, Biba Kishan, 7768 N. 86th Ave., $259,900.

Wilcox, Robin Matthew and Wilcox, Inessa to Ludington, Joshua Daniel and Ludington, Jill Nicole, 2417 S. 105th Ave., $770,000.

11T NE LLC to Morgan, Beau, 2815 S. 102nd St., $299,900.

Stukenholtz, Janet to Yestingsmeier, Jake M., 3136 S. 105th Ave., $386,250.

Czerwinski, Mark L. and Czerwinski, Michele to Arevalo LLC, 7718 Park Drive, $99,000.

Czerwinski, Mark L. and Czerwinski, Michele to Arevalo LLC, 7720 Park Drive, $99,000.

Cantu, Marsha Ann to O’Reilly, Trevor A. and O’Reilly, Rebekah S., 7767 Lakeview St., $248,932.

DMZ Investments LLC to Chairez, Andres and Gonzalez, Maria E. Rios, 7700 Seymour St., $250,000.

Rose, Gregory Jason to Nunez, Henry Ramon Jimenez and Jimenez, Ivelissa Ramos, 8317 State St., $172,000.

Interstate Securities LLC to Cambrooks Properties LLC, 10628 M St., $235,000.

Lozier, Alice Arlene to Pote Investments LLC, 7753 State St., $200,000.

Cadwallader, Justin W. and Small, Eva R. to Wright, Eric S. and Wright, Christina A., 1611 S. 170th St., $365,000.

Owens, Wendy and Owens, Roger to Bokma, Lee, 15909 Gold Circle, $220,000.

Oak Investments LLC to Hd Real Estate LLC, 18017 Oak St B., $285,000.

Alpha Homes LLC to Orchard, Coleman S. and Zimmer, Savannah L., 16117 Cedar Circle, $280,000.

Schulte, Jacquelyn T. and Lesiak, Jacquelyn T. to Robertson, Kelly and Robertson, Andrew, 3817 Davenport St., $226,000.

Davies, Ted E. and Crites, Diana G., personal representative, to Antony Property Management LLC, 1202 N. 29th St., $75,000.

Kenny, Jerome H. Jr. and Kenny, Patricia A. to Finocchiaro, Rachael and Finocchiaro, Ross, 310 S. 56th St., $432,000.

Gutman, Victor and Wilhelm, Roberta to Wike, Scott A. and Smith, Crystal Elizabeth, 5119 Capitol Ave., $440,000.

Tricker, Scott E. and Tricker, Jennifer D. to Fischer, Michele M., 5301 Western Ave., $735,000.

Womack, Stephanie Lynn and Gunning, Michael Ryan to Doocy, Max Souza, 908 N. 48th Ave., $180,000.

Nancy K. Craig Living Trust and Craig, Christopher L. to JF Enterprises LLC, 9405 Grand Ave., $200,000.

Sorensen, Katelyn A. to Petrzilka, Milo and Petrzilka, Keely, 9330 Laurel Ave., $236,000.

Kantor, Laurie M. to Scott, Larry Lee 2 and Scott, Jessica Lynn, 9335 Ohio St., $245,000.

Becker, Halli J. and Irwin, Jeff to Earnest Buyers LLC, 7943 Vernon Ave., $15,000.

Earnest Buyers LLC to Vossah, Gerald, 7943 Vernon Ave., $30,000.

Williams, Ramel and Williams, Stacey to Gonzalez Exteriors LLC, 2327 N. 81st St., $80,000.

Taqueria El Rey Inc. to Sandoval, Cecilia Castro, 9703 Grand Ave., $200,000.

White, Stephen and White, Dallas K. to Thomsen, Amy and Thomsen, Bruce, 17104 Drexel St., $355,000.

Thomsen, Bruce A. and Thomsen, Amy S. to Overman, Jacob and Overman, Beth A., 17217 Polk Circle, $470,000.

Browning, Carl W. Sr. and Browning, Kathleen J. Personal representative to Palyan, Hrair Harry and Palyan, Angela, 18913 Hayes Circle, $308,000.

Stovie, Jerald M. 2 to Groh, Randy and Groh, Sydney, 16312 R St., $390,000.

Beresh, Steve C. and Beresh, Kellie A. to Hoie, Eric B. and Hoie, Eric Bryan, 17264 Washington St., $480,000.

Millard 35 LLC to PHI LLC, 4543 S. 203rd Ave., $97,500.

Chesnut, Jeffrey Kevin and Chesnut, Kylie Michele to Greiman, Hannah, 16513 Weir St., $307,000.

Roth, Larry A. and Roth, Ana Lou to Frauen, Sandra, 16917 Holmes Circle, $360,000.

Magee, Todd A. to Loewens, Elizabeth, 17609 Renfro St., $435,000.

Hoff, Jason and Deboer, Nicole S. to Shaver, Dylan J., 6758 S. 154th St., $276,500.

Laco Properties LLC to Alff, Austin and Alff, Scott, 6860 S. 118th St., $2,000,000.

Lor, Long and Chang, See to Driscoll, Dylan J. and Driscoll, Hannah M., 6706 Winslow Pl, $350,000.

Papenberg, Dwayne A. and Papenberg, Sharon Kay to Petersen, Kerri and Wankmuller, Robert 3, 14723 Jefferson Circle, $310,000.

Laco Properties LLC to Omaha Dent LLC, 6365 S. 118th St., $525,000.

Moore, Beverley E. and Wright, Beverley E. to Corrida, Ailen Yisel, 12780 Deauville Drive 107, $126,000.

Morrison, Timothy R. and Morrison, Kathryn C. to Miles, Seth A. and Milstead, Andrea C., 12651 N St., $246,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hopkins, Randall and Hopkins, Megan, 11101 King St., $396,952.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rodriguez, Diana Katie, 7720 N. 108th St., $264,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Molina, Daniel, 7708 N. 108th St., $270,414.

Ruzek, Thomas J. to Ficenec, Benjamin F. and Pelletier, Abigail J., 11202 Potter St., $247,001.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nice, Annie M., 7709 N. 108th St., $356,699.

Vinton22 Holdings LLC to Petersen, Luke R. and Petersen, Sarah E., 13028 Reynolds St., $449,000.

11T NE LLC to Buckmaster, Jeffery A. and Buckmaster, Erin, 3333 S. 127th St., $201,000.

White, Jamison P. to Giraldo, Carlos, 2104 S. 121st St., $267,000.

Hug-Lehr, Christine M. and Hug, Christine Marie to Berg, Ingrid Helen Louise and Janetka, Robert, 1806 Mayfair Drive, $295,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Swift, Charles Jr. and Swift, Torie, 14724 Castelar Circle, $280,000.

Madigan, Carrie R. to Morgan, Curtis Leroy III, 5126 Read St., $160,000.

Hilding, Tracy A. and Wees, Becky Personal representative to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 835 S. 130th St., $265,000.

Wright, Betty L. to Geihs, Jeffrey J. and Geihs, Mindy M., 12842 Burt Court, $245,000.

Berry, Richard N. and Berry, Renee M. to Christiansen, Stephen J. and Peck, Karina G., 223 S. 150th Circle, $239,900.

Lautenbach, Chase and Lautenbach, Alissa to Dahlen, Eric and Dahlen, Jennifer, 1894 N. 153rd Ave., $507,500.

Seyl, Larry D. and Seyl, Victor Craig Personal representative to Sandy, Meredith, 14508 Seward St., $280,000.

Baker, Jackson L. and Baker, Alexis M. to Van Camp & Son LLC, 6607 N. 112nd Ave., $250,000.

Jensen, Melanie Ann to McFarland, Dennis and Petersen, Annette, 2635 N. 124th Circle, $211,000.

Hanson, Paul M. to Andersen, Anthony and Andersen, Kathryn, 6023 N. 110th Circle, $255,000.

Williams, Kane and Williams, Keri to Kor-B Properties LLC, 2712 N. 123rd Circle, $235,000.

Sudtelgte, Rachael A. to McGhee, Charlesetta, 5144 N. 135th Ave., $413,000.

Heydorn, Shawn M. to Hammon, Scott J. and Carlson, Kelsey A., 12954 Meredith Ave., $255,500.

Medina, Charlie Vasquez 3 and Medina, Shannan to McKeown, Laura R. and Young, Brett T., 13629 Corby St., $385,000.


Bellevue Hospitality LLC to Bapaji Maharaj LLC, 1110 Fort Crook Road S., $2,225,000.

Anderson, Carl E. Trustee to Hurt, John K. and Childers Hanssen, Jonna L., 210 Bellevue Blvd S., $227,000.

Bachman, Chelsea and Bachman, Cory to Wilson, Elizabeth Ann and Wilson, Preston Aaron, 21244 McClellan Drive, $380,000.

Lerdahl, Dennis J. and Lerdahl, Stephanie G. to Timber Creek Home Solutions LLC, 21110 Buchanan Pkwy, $366,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Halen, David K. Trust and Halen, Claire J. Tr., 17303 Morgan Ave., $430,000.

D R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Feeney, Anthony and Feeney, Erin, 7707 S. 197th Ave., $390,000.

Five & Five Development LLC to Hempel, Stacey M., 11519 S. 191st St., $400,000.

Watson REI LLC to Wachal, Morgan, 17319 Morgan Ave., $418,000.

Wilkinson, Stephen and Wilkinson, Robin to Jaramillo, Isaiah and Jaramillo, Mikayla, 17212 Morgan Ave., $355,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Trader, Amanda Rose, 8023 S. 200th St., $391,000.

Jansen, Iris J. and Jansen, John to Ruth, Logan, 21912 Bobwhite Ave., $420,000.

Rhoades, Darrell D. to Rhoades, Donald and Rhoades, Christine, 12914 Biels Dike Road, Unit 3S, $37,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Schueth, Kristi J. and Schueth, Todd A., 10306 S. 206th St., $411,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Valdovinos, Christian Gabriel, 12224 S. 111th Ave., $390,000.

H & S Partnership Llp to Sewell, Angela and Sewell, Geoffrey M., 735 S. Madison St., $202,000.

Ramirez, Ramone and Ramirez, Arcelia to Touchstone Construction Inc., 10255 Windward Ave., $89,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Elbracht, Christopher and Elbracht, Lauren, 11318 Portage Circle, $329,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dannehl, Sammuel T., 11750 S. 113th Ave., $335,000.

Hughbanks, Michaela M. to Hernandez, Raquel, 916 Edgewood Blvd, $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hays, David F. and Hays, Traci L., 11307 Edgewater Drive, $366,000.

Monarch Apartments LLC to Underwood Rentals LLC, 603 S. Washington St., $1,100,000.

Hickory Hill Associates LLC to Papillion Epic Vet LLC, 1330 Jersey St., $1,081,000.

Miller, Timothy and Miller, Katherine to Beacon Ventures LLC, 601 Pioneer Road, $210,000.

D R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Walmsley, Laura and Walmsley, Justin, 310 N. 10th Ave., $369,000.

Pachunka, Laura D. nka Walmsley, Laura D., Walmsley, Justin, Pachunka, Douglas and Pachunka, Catherine to Rexrode, Tim, 14507 S. 31st St., $271,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bruce, Nikolaus L. and Kenna, Delanie K., 2014 Raven Ridge Drive, $389,000.

Reichstadt, Richard S. and Swanson, Sheri S. to Luttman, Cole, 17514 Park Circle, $35,000.

McCabe, Jennifer A. aka Roumph, Jennifer A. to Roumph, Brandon, 11714 S. 28th St., $260,000.

Anderson, Carl E. Tr to Hurt, John K. and Childers Hansen, Jonna L., 3520 Comstock Ave., $158,000.

Bourgeois, Thomas J. and Bourgeois, Karen M. to Bourgeois, Justin Thomas and Bourgeois, Melissa Kate, 13703 S. 28th Circle, $250,000.

Holliday Svcs Inc. to NAP Nebraska LLC, 12021 Roberts Road, $4,200,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Alvarez, Jurge Cruz and Hemminger, Donnajo, 7707 Edgewood Blvd, $250,000.

Brown, Tyler J. and Brown, Morgan R. to Lowman, Shane M. and Lowman, Kayla M., 7004 Pine Drive, $182,000.

Phillips, Kassie nka Harnden, Kassandra Rae to Clark, Michelle R., 7414 Plum Dale Road, $287,000.

Moore, Steven and Moore, Trisha to Lemieux, Arianna and Smith, Addison, 4614 Clearwater Drive, $340,000.

Orndorff, Seth and Orndorff, Kayla to Morrissey, Jesse and Morrissey, Lorraine, 6629 Elm Hurst Drive, $315,000.

D R. Horton Nebraska LLC to Farris, Brenita and Farris, Malcolm C. II, 4517 Lawnwood Drive, $377,000.

Instefjord, Jon C. and Rockwell, Lori A. to Janousek, Jerome S. and Janousek, Kathleen A., 7205 S. 180th Ave., $288,000.

Fleming, Barry E. and Fleming, Elizabeth A. to Olsufka, Michael J. and Olsufka, Allison M., 9302 S. 171st St., $387,000.

Maddox, Marilyn J. to Hoff, Joel S. and Hoff, Kimberly A., 15725 Gertrude St., $332,000.

MDC Pflug Partners LLC to Koch, Tim and Koch, Sara, 16508 Riviera Drive, $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mellon, Travis J., 17710 Rampart St., $425,000.

Kopcho, Keith R. and Pickrel, Carlie Joy nka Kopcho, Carlie Joy to Hall, Austin C. and Hall, Megan A., 18709 Briar St., $310,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kendall, Timothy J. and Kendall, Aubrey, 9608 S. 184th Ave., $387,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Benak, Randy Lee and Benak, Barbara Jo, 9560 S. 184th Terrace, $430,000.

RBJ One Real Estate LLC to Payan, Alondra and Barajas, Luis, 17730 Lillian St., $215,000.

Kucera, Evan John and Kucera, Emily Elizabeth to Broadbent, Kyle and Broadbent, Rachael, 13584 Chandler St., $300,000.

Strosinski, MacKenzie J. fka Fletcher, MacKenzie J. and Strosinski, Anthony R. to Cannon, Haley, 13109 Olive St., $305,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Hernandez, Oscar Anibal Lopez and Velasquez, Patricia Coxaj, 14807 Edna St., $220,000.

Hoff, Joel S. and Hoff, Kimberly A. to Fauss, Evan and Eskew, Sarah Rene, 13434 Edna St., $252,000.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank of Nebraska, trustee, to Nvestco LLC, 7242 S. 24th Ave., $139,000.

Miller, Doris Y. Trust and Haase, Diana L. Trust, and Miller, Doris Y. Revocable Trust to Miller, Kenneth Merle Edward and Miller, Fae Taylor, 9611 Briarwood Lane, $175,000.

Mathis, Michael and Watts, Brittani fka Mathis, Brittani to Sanchez, Nicolasa I. Francia and Perez, Daniel Lopez, 2537 Cornelia St., $257,000.

Pekarek, Robert and Pekarek, Lori to Barrera, Marco A. Brito and Salgado, Odalis Brito, 7013 S. 50th St., $232,000.

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