Grand Theft Auto 6’s Miami: The real-life locations that should inspire Vice City

An aerial shot of Coconut Grove, Miami.

Rick Gomez

Broadening Vice City’s horizons

As is befitting of a game that’s already been a decade in the making, Rockstar had kept almost every detail surrounding GTA 6 under fearsome lock and key until a recent spate of leaks saw in-game testing footage, supposed map details and the trailer itself sprawled across TikTok. For now, the veracity of much of this information is still distinctly sketchy, but rumoured map locations are said to include Lake Leonida (likely inspired by Lake Osceola, the lake at the center of the University of Miami in Coral Gables) and Little Haiti (a genuine Miami location). No sign yet of Rockstar’s take on Mar-a-Lago, but we live in hope.

No matter what kind of Miami you’re looking to experience, a visit to Little Havana and Little Haiti is essential; a vibrant tapestry of the cultural diversity that has long-defined the city. In Little Havana, street art tells the story of Cuban-American heritage, restaurants and cafes ring with salsa music, and many-a-bar floods with the aromatic smoke of Cuban cigars. Just a few miles away, Little Haiti offers an alternative celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture; particularly, Haitian art, music, and–most excitingly–cuisine. Cecibon and Chef Creole are local favourites and institutions, serving authentic plates griot, oxtail, fried fish, and more.

Finally, we have the leaked location of ‘Rockridge’, which is almost definitely inspired by Miami’s Wynwood district. The famously gritty, urban area has morphed into a global destination for street art and contemporary culture. Originally an industrial zone, Wynwood underwent a radical transformation driven by the Wynwood Walls project, which turned the neighbourhood into an outdoor art museum. These days, it’s a bit more boujee artiste than broke artist, and has attracted a tonne of entrepreneurs, gallerists, studios, and tech startups should GTA 5’s Life Invader and Bleeter apps still be kicking around in its sequel.

It’s the kind of place a hustler might just be able to hide in broad daylight and, as such, has GTA 6 written all over it. All of Miami’s districts do – each a unique chapter in a narrative which, if the gator-filled trailer meets expectations, could well be Rockstar’s greatest yet. Can’t wait ‘til 2025 to dive into the chaotic scenes of Vice City? Now you know where to go to get ahead of the game.

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