Ex-RAF cadet behind Nazi graffiti named as Aristedes Haynes

Racist graffiti

A 17-year-old former RAF cadet who drew Nazi symbols on a mural celebrating he Caribbean community has been named for the first time.

Aristedes Haynes fantasised about making a gun and killing a schoolboy, the Old Bailey heard.

He was referred to a de-radicalisation programme last spring by the cadets and has admitted to a string of terror offences and criminal damage in June.

Haynes, from south Wales, was given one year and seven months detention.

A court order granting him anonymity under Section 45 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 was lifted post-sentencing following an application from the press.

Aristedes Haynes

South Wales Police

The anonymity order would have expired on Sunday when Haynes turns 18.

Haynes painted graffiti over the Port Talbot Windrush mural twice during 2022, the Old Bailey was previously told.

The vandalism appeared within hours of the mural being completed.

The graffiti included swastikas, the words “Nazi zone”, white supremacist symbol “1488”, and a racial slur.

The mural depicts Donna Campbell, a nurse and daughter of the Windrush generation who died during the pandemic, and her mother Lydia.

Volunteers quickly restored the mural after racist graffiti was daubed on it

The court heard how Haynes, who has been diagnosed as autistic, was referred to the Prevent de-radicalisation programme last spring by the air cadets.

He was expelled from the group last September, after he sent images to other cadets of himself with a swastika painted on his chest.

Haynes was also banned from Instagram for posting racist and Nazi images.

After vandalising the mural the teenager bragged about his actions on messaging app Telegram, writing: “Check my art out.”

He also was involved in setting off a smoke bomb at the Queer Emporium in Cardiff in October 2022, the court previously heard.

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