Everything you need to know about Kusama NFTs

If you haven’t heard of Kusama NFTs yet, don’t worry – they’re definitely worth learning about. Kusama is a blockchain network that’s often referred to as a Canary Network, and it’s a key part of the wider Polkadot ecosystem. Essentially, Kusama acts as a sandbox for new blockchain projects, allowing developers to test and refine their ideas before they’re launched. This means that users can find plenty of early-stage Polkadot projects on Kusama. Let’s dive into what Kusama NFTs are and why they matter.

What’s so special about Kusama NFTs?

Most NFTs in the Kusama ecosystem are based on the RMRK platform standard. This means they come with RMRK benefits. RMRK, also known as ‘NFT Lego’ supercharges the NFTS built on it. This makes tokens like Kusama NFTS highly suitable for the Metaverse and blockchain-based games.

RMRK is essentially a set of NFT Lego that give NFTs infinite extensibility. They are hosted on the Kusama blockchain, Polkadot’s canary network, without the need for parachains or smart contracts.

The Kusama network is made up of chains forming an interconnected network of specialized chains breaking down the walls of centralized web. That’s a lot of interconnections, that results in NFTs with greater utility.

NFTs created on the RMRK standard can:

  • Be governed by  a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • Have multiple resources attached
  • Contain sub-NFTs

Kusama NFTs provide an innovative way for creatives, developers, and artists to monetize and showcase their work globally. Let’s look at a few Kusama NFTs:

Kusama Kingdom

This project first launched in October 2021 with the Kusama Kings collection and then expanded into two series’, Kusama Kings and Kusama Queens.

Everything you need to know about Kusama NFTs

Per Kusama Kingdom, ”The Kusama Kings and Queens are two of the most successful projects in the Kusama ecosystem….From the outset the goal was to create a project that focused on community, and we continue to add utility as the project progresses.”

Owners of the Kusama Kings and Queens NFT series get access to the following:

  • An exclusive Discord channel
  • Private seed rounds of projects
  • Pre-sale opportunities
  • Invitations to IRL (In Real Life) events and meetups


Branded as cheap and eco-friendly, Kanaria NFTs feature customizable traits and platform bonuses. When they launched in September 2021, they were dubbed the next generation of NFTs.

The collection features a series where owners can contribute to egg-hatching and customizing of their birds. One of the many upsides to the tokens is their characteristic fun attributes. In this vein, Kanaria did not disappoint, as during that hatching phase owners were able to influence how their NFT birds would look by selecting from custom emotes.

The project’s success wasn’t just limited to its innovative approach. In fact, RMRK also saw impressive sales figures, thanks in part to its gamified ‘Initial Collectible Offering’. Through this unique NFT crowdfunding model, the project managed to raise an impressive 6 million USD from exclusive egg sales. Kanaria is more than a digital art piece, ownership comes with many benefits:

“By claiming a Kanaria egg for some $KSM you are not only getting a beautiful piece of permanent digital art, but also participating in a paradigm shift of NFT technology and getting in on the ground floor of a new ecosystem and a new and budding industry. Your egg will hatch into a beautiful, functional bird that will bring long-term platform benefits to its owner.”


By combining the power of NFTs with real-world reforestation efforts, this unique initiative represents an exciting collaboration between RMRK and the environmental project RMTerra. Their ambitious partnership aims to plant more trees in areas of Portugal that have been devastated by fires. Moonglade serves as an excellent example of the innovative and impactful projects that can be found within the RMRK ecosystem.

RMRK prides itself on being an environmentally conscious organization and so this project aligns well. Per PolkaVerse, “we wanted to support initiatives that are not only planting the forests but also taking care of these forests for a long time. We wanted to help grow diverse, fire resistant ecosystems.”

Furthermore, the project tokenizes trees. You read that right. As part of the initiative, when a real tree grows from a sapling, a virtual tree is created, and when a virtual tree dies, it is marked by a special RMRK resource. As a result, this innovative project offers virtual and real life benefits for NFT owners but also for the planet at large.

Closing Thoughts on the Kusama NFT Ecosystem

Kusama NFTs are not your standard ERC-721 NFTs, and that’s what makes them worth knowing. As blockchain ecosystems continue to develop, we’ll see the utility of NFTs expand and change. Kusama NFTs are far from the only advanced blockchain based tokens that are leading the way and hopefully they are not the last.

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