Ethereum NFT Trading Volumes Crash 90% From 2021 Peak, Smart Investors Securing Their Future With QUBE


The booming world of NFTs, which for many seemed unstoppable, has hit an iceberg. Ethereum-based NFTs, long considered the backbone of this explosive market, are now witnessing a significant contraction. While many are upset about this downturn, savvy investors are redirecting their focus towards promising avenues like QUBE, backed by the InQubeta platform. Let’s examine this contrasting dynamic unfolding in the crypto space.

QUBE: The Silver Lining for Forward-thinking Investors

While Ethereum’s NFT marketplace grapples with this slump, it’s not all doom and gloom in the broader crypto arena. Enter QUBE – the deflationary token of the InQubeta platform, which presents a beacon of hope.

InQubeta is more than just another crypto platform. It’s a revolutionary bridge that connects investors with AI start-ups through fractional investments, all facilitated by the QUBE token. As Ethereum-based NFTs face headwinds, InQubeta and QUBE offer a stable and promising alternative for those eager to tap into the potential of AI technology start-ups.

Furthermore, the InQubeta platform’s approach to crowdfunding stands out as innovative. Investors leverage QUBE in its NFT marketplace, acquiring equity and reward-based NFTs. This unique model provides perks such as profit-sharing and exclusive access to products and services, tied to the success of AI start-ups.

Being a deflationary token, QUBE involves taxation and burning mechanisms to reduce the circulating supply over time. One can also stake their tokens to reap significant rewards from a reward pool fed by taxes. This innovative approach is positioning InQubeta as a powerhouse in the crypto investment space, and the effect has cascaded to its ongoing presale, which has attracted a funding of over $2.1 million to date.

Ethereum’s NFT Market: A Rapid Deceleration

July 2023 stands as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of the crypto market. Ethereum NFT trading volumes have plummeted, with a decline of nearly 90% from their peak in 2021. The data, provided by Sealaunch, reveals a bleak scenario. A monthly aggregated trading volume of $568.5 million represents the weakest performance for Ethereum NFTs since last November.

But it’s not just about volume. The sheer number of participants in the market has diminished. Unique NFT users have fallen to 107,000 holders, representing a multi-year low. Such a decline, over 66% in just 12 months, underlines a broader caution in the NFT space. The situation is further exacerbated by the declining metrics from OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace. Independent addresses for its monthly transactions plummeted to 64,600, echoing a two-year low trend. The aggregated NFT sales, when compared to the pinnacle reached in February 2022, have taken a nosedive by 82%.

The Road Ahead: Diversification is Key

Crypto markets are inherently volatile. The spectacular rise and subsequent decline of Ethereum’s NFT market offer valuable lessons. For investors, it’s a reminder of the importance of diversification and keeping an eye on emerging opportunities.

InQubeta and QUBE epitomize the new avenues smart investors are exploring. While Ethereum NFTs may bounce back or further recalibrate, platforms like InQubeta represent the next wave of innovation in the crypto space, blending technology, art, and investment in a seamless fusion.

In conclusion, while Ethereum’s NFT downturn is significant, the broader crypto ecosystem is rife with opportunities. Smart investors are always on the lookout, pivoting and adapting, and platforms like InQubeta are set to play a pivotal role in the crypto narrative of the future.

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