Ellen Adarna nixes on house tours: “You have to earn your way into my house”

Ellen Adarna recently told her social-media followers the reason she does not do house tours.

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In a TikTok video uploaded on September 28, 2023, Ellen shared her perspective on why she prefers to keep her home setting and situation private, stating, “I am not the type who likes to do house tours, closet tours, and all that.”

Ellen Adarna house tour stance; values privacy


She immediately set the tone for her stance on this matter.

Celebrities, like her husband Derek Ramsay, often provide glimpses into their homes, but the former actress made it clear that this isn’t her style.

“I’m sure you’ve seen, some of you have seen this house because Derek built this before we got married,” she related.

“And it’s his thing to do house tours.”

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However, she emphasized, “If it was me, ako personally, I don’t like doing such.

“I consider my house a safe space, my temple, so I protect it.”

She didn’t mince words when she said, “I’m very territorial, I protect it.

“I’m the type [that] if someone’s in my property, I will shoot to kill.”

Although Ellen’s view defies today’s celebrity culture where most public figures open their doors to the public, she just wanted to assert the essence of personal boundaries.



Her final point was clear: “You don’t know what people’s intentions are.”

Additionally, Ellen emphasized that the access to her home is a privilege that should be worked on, not given freely.

“For me, you have to earn your way into my house.”



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