Culture Beat: Digital art on display

Visitors explore the exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of Bu Hua

Visitors explore the exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of Bu Hua

Digital art on display 

A series of artworks from Chinese digital artist Bu Hua, including digital paintings and animation, will be on display at the Suzhou True Color Museum of Art in East China’s Jiangsu Province starting from May 19. 

With Chen Hanxing, president of the Bense Art Museum, as artistic director and Wang Boqiao as curator, The End of the World exhibition includes the artist’s latest works as well as some older works created over the past few years. 

Eight works of animation such as Cat, Love in Life and Angel are also featured. Additionally, six giant digital murals will be exhibited for the very first time. Among them is a giant one called Miracle

Currently, some of Bu’s other works are on display at the Salzburg Museum der Moderne in Austria as part of a group exhibition Stepping Out! Female Identities in Chinese Contemporary Art. 

Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Children's Art Theater

Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Children’s Art Theater

Children’s play on stage 

Children’s drama The Old Dog Got into Trouble, produced by the Beijing Performing Arts Group and performed by the Beijing Children’s Art Theater, will be staged at the Nanluo Theater on May 26 in Beijing. 

Adapted from well-known writer Ye Guangqin’s work, the play tells the story of a Beijing girl Yaya, who grew up in a hutong, or alley residence, against the background of campus life in the 1950s. 

According to director Wang Ze, compared with the innocence in the previous two plays, Yaya entering school leads to her feeling a bit lost and helpless in this unknown environment. The play will focus on her growth and progress while slowly adapting to school life. 

Wang Dong, director of the Beijing Children’s Art Theater, said that after the first round of performances of The Old Dog Got into Trouble, they will stage the whole story of Yaya and her growth together with the two previous plays Getting Late and Cat on the Roof.

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