COZ joining Colorado Motion Meetup to discuss NFI technology and urban exploration

COZ will participate in an upcoming panel discussion focusing on art and technology at the next Colorado Motion Meetup. The panel will comprise artists alongside COZ’s representative to talk about the upcoming mural festival called DENVER WALLS. The meetup will begin at 1:00 a.m. (UTC) on Friday, Sep. 22, and will be livestreamed via the DENVER WALLS Instagram account.

The discussion, entitled DENVER WALLS: A panel highlighting street art and new technologies, will feature:

  • Ally Grime, international muralist and DENVER WALLS organizer
  • Pat and Sam, 3D projection artists
  • Eceertrey, AR/VR artist
  • Dylan Grabowski, on behalf of COZ

Planned topics include a new vision for tech and street art, integrating art with augmented reality, gamified urban exploration, and projection-mapping street art.

The event will occur at Ratio Beerworks, 2920 Larimer Street, Denver, CO. The building host will also provide free beer for attendees.


DENVER WALLS Festival is the next activation to leverage COZ and AxLabs’ non-fungible item technology. DENVER WALLS is part of an international collaboration of mural festivals that will take place in Colorado’s capital city this year and next.

DENVER WALLS has secured commissions for 17 world-class muralists who will create multi-year installations throughout the River North neighborhood of Denver. Each mural will feature a brass plaque embedded with the same NFI technology found in the OneBand ring. The visitor can use their phone to tap the brass plaque at each mural location and participate in a mobile-based gamified point collection experience.

The festival will run from Sep. 22 through Oct. 3, but the murals will remain up for at least two or three years.

More information can be found at the link below:

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