Buying Real Estate Has Never Been Easier – How Metropoly Brings NFTs to the Mainstream


Metropoly presale is entering the last stages with widespread participation from across crypto and real estate communities. Driven by FOMO, investors are stocking up on the tokens in bulk to make the most of the early-stage discounts.

Top crypto publications predict METRO to become the next token to acquire a $1B market cap, owing to its unique use cases ingrained in the global real estate market. That renders the current price of $0.08 a steal. As the presale moves to the next stages, the price will increase, with the listing price fixed at $0.1. The token will be launched on prominent crypto exchanges in May.

Metropoly’s Appeal Lies Beyond the Crypto Market

Metropoly is an NFT marketplace dedicated to the real estate market. Not metaverse or virtual world real estate. But the real real-estate market, where properties and land plots change hands. Metropoly integrates the power of blockchain technology to bring more ease and transparency into real estate trading. As a result, the METRO presale with 3112 participants already, has been trending among real estate investors. It is one of the most popular projects of 2023 to penetrate the mainstream market.

Metropoly allows anyone to invest in real estate with the tap of a finger. You don’t need to prove your eligibility to own a real estate asset by revealing your job, income, financial background, or credit score here. Instead, you’re purchasing an NFT backed 100% by real estate assets.

The platform brings high-yield property investments to the masses via NFT tokenization and fractionalization.

  • High-yield properties are hand-picked after analyzing their profitability and risk.
  • They are then listed on Metropoly’s NFT marketplace.
  • They are converted into NFTs to enable their immutable blockchain record of data and transparent ownership.
  • Then the properties are fractionalized into small, affordable NFTs.
  • Once they are live on the marketplace, you can buy them for prices as low as $100.

Metropoly’s appeal is deep-rooted in its efficiency. The ownership of land and building is inaccessible to most people now, although they are considered safe, reliable, and lucrative. Only extremely rich people can afford to own real estate properties solely as sources of passive income and long-term value appreciation.  However, the traditional market is incapable of opening up to the masses as it is characteristically centralized. Metropoly aims to bring more inclusivity and decentralization to the real estate market.

  • It cuts down the cost of real estate investment to just a few dollars and lowers the entry barriers to the real estate market.
  • Not just for people with low budgets, but also technical knowledge.
  • The NFTs accrue monthly rent like a ‘REAL’ real estate property
  • They also accrue long-term value based on the demand of the underlying property. It won’t be long before it works the other way around.

Since all transactions are recorded on the blockchain for anyone to verify, the investments are open to people from around the world.

An Attractive Source of Passive Income

As you know, buying or selling a real estate property through brokers, agencies, or even a second party is tiring. And, not to mention, long. It can steal months from you with tedious paperwork, bank visits, and legal complications. Metropoly real estate investment, being essentially NFT assets in nature, is fast and uncomplicated.

All the grueling work, including documentation, managing middlemen, finding tenants, and maintaining the property are taken care of by the Metropoly team. They are ready for purchase and sale on the marketplace, you can complete the process in just under a few minutes. Metropoly lets you trade your NFTs any time you want.

People looking for an extra stream of income with little to no effort on their part will find a perfect answer in Metropoly. But there is more. For example, real estate trading and investment are easy to understand, unlike stock, crypto, or commodity purchases.

You can purchase a property of your choice on the marketplace using filters. It features a wide range of high-yield properties from villas to luxury apartments and penthouses located in different countries and cities.

Hedge Against Crypto Volatility

Although the crypto market is no dearth of ambitious projects, most of them have failed to take off due to their unfeasible development plans. But Metropoly leaves no room for concerns, with the beta dashboard of the marketplace already live. It was received with positive reviews by the community. The launch of the dashboard, months before the token launch, strengthens the credibility of the project.

Moreover, Metropoly doesn’t just lower the barrier to the real estate market, but also boosts the profitability of real estate investors through fractionalization, which leads to portfolio diversification, and ultimately risk mitigation. This is especially true in the crypto market.

The hype around the fast-moving METRO presale is well-justified. If you’re planning to join the presale, hurry up, as it will close soon. Presale participants are also eligible to participate in the Metropoly $1M Burj Khalifa Giveaway contest.

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