Borderless Art Comes to Life With Superchief’s Network of NFT Galleries

Digital art and NFTs have transcended the confines of the metaverse–or they hope to very soon.

Edward Zipco, the founder of Superchief Gallery, which opened in Manhattan in March 2021, is working to speed the process up.

During the EthCC event held in Paris in July, he unveiled his plan to create a global network of 50 physical NFT galleries, where artists and exhibitions could seamlessly travel between different countries.

Kicking off the world tour? IHAM Gallery, Europe’s first native NFT Gallery, based in Paris. The venue hosted Superchief’s “Cyberpunk” exhibition during the EthCC.

Another Parisian venue, the NFT Factory, as well as Unpaired Gallery in Switzerland, Knox Gallery in Japan, Uncommon Gallery in Korea, OX Society in Canada, and Oshi Gallery in Australia, are also part of the adventure.

Each of the galleries already exists, but Zipco wants to better connect each of them via global exhibits, each existing simultaneously in all the networked galleries thanks to the unique characteristics of digital art.

“The exchange of ideas and creativity among these galleries will be a testament to the global impact of the NFT movement, transcending borders and connecting artists and communities from diverse regions,” Zipco told Decrypt.

Grida, the Art Director at IHAM gallery, echoes this vision, aiming to leverage the digital nature of her works when presenting them to the public.

“For the past two years, I’ve been hosting in-person digital art exhibitions, leveraging the fact that digital art isn’t confined by location or size,” Grida told Decrypt. “I’ve always had the aspiration to display my art in multiple galleries at the same time. There was no reason for me not to participate in the Sisters Gallery project.”

It’s not just an experiment tapping the arts’ pixelated medium, either. For both Grida and Zipco, hosting physical NFT exhibitions is essential to fortifying a growing community of digital art enthusiasts.

“Seeing art in person, whether on a grand scale or a small canvas, leaves a profound impact on viewers, granting them an immersive experience beyond the confines of a smartphone screen,” Zipco told Decrypt. “We firmly believe that showcasing art in real-life settings fosters a unique connection between artists and their audience, allowing the discourse around NFTs to flourish.”

It not only facilitates interaction with an artist’s audience and collectors, but also provides opportunities to form connections with other creators, and most importantly, validates them as artists, reminding them that they are artists first before being labeled as “NFT artists.”

Ultimately, Zipco’s ambition is “to define the beginning of a movement that unites artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from every corner of the globe and celebrate NFT art’s boundless potential.”

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