Boomerang agents causing broker whiplash? The Download


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As independent contractors, real estate agents have the right and ability to make strategic moves throughout their careers. That’s why brokers have to focus on recruitment and retention — including providing the tools that make it a no-brainer to align with their brand.

In today’s Download, we look at one of this week’s top stories: Jim Dalrymple’s breakdown of “boomerang agents.” Where are they coming from? Where are they going? And what factors are driving their moves in today’s marketplace?

We all know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (or at the other brokerage), but that lesson has been learned anew by many agents who left one brokerage for the big promises of another over the past couple of years. Now, as the market takes its toll on the agent count arms race, many agents are finding that those big promises are ringing fairly hollow.

Jim Dalrymple talks to real estate agents who were wooed away by sweet-talking brokerages but are now heading back to their previous digs. Tech tools, culture and community — all of these play a big part in driving these agent round-trips.

Whether you’re a broker looking for information on agent retention — or an agent who wants to make a move the right way — this week’s Download has you covered:

Agents who are looking for greener pastures may be blaming you for their lack of leads and transactions in this tough market. How can you create opportunities and a culture that keeps them onboard? Author Mark Johnson is an expert in agent retention, and he’s got the resources and strategies you need to make your agents more successful — and keep them more satisfied. Read more.

Brokerages are employing a variety of incentives in the ever-expanding battle to win over the hearts and minds of real estate agents, including an innovative retention strategy known as “Incentive Splits.” In this Inman Intel exclusive, Mike DelPrete breaks down the details and explains why this move effectively locks an agent into staying even when they want to leave. Read more.

It takes more than leads, perks and parties to keep agents happy in today’s market. Let Adam Hergenrother walk you through the myths that cause brokers and team leaders to do retention the wrong way around. Read more.

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Whether they’re coming or going, agent moves can mean hurt feelings, lashing out and even some salty language. But did you know that going all over town airing your grievances could be a violation of the Realtor Code of Ethics? Broker Troy Palmquist lays out the limits of speechifying about that agent or broker who did you wrong. Read more.

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