Bitcoin NFTs Have Changed Bitcoin Culture Forever

Non-fungible tokens hosted on Bitcoin, one of the leading blockchains for crypto and NFTs, continue gaining traction among collectors and investors. In recent weeks, the evolution of Bitcoin ordinals is believed to have entirely changed Bitcoin culture. In this article, we shall dive in-depth to look at whether those sentiments are factual.

Why Was Ordinal Protocol Created?

Bitcoin Ordinals found their way into the non-fungible token market sometime this year after Casey Rodarmor, a renowned Bitcoin developer, proved their viability. The Bitcoin developer inscribed NFTs using Ordinal theory, a protocol invented by Bitcoin anonymous creator “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Bitcoin Ordinals were conceived as an artistic endeavor, exemplifying the fusion of creative expression with the creation of magic internet JPEGS and PFPs “profile pictures.” The Big question now surrounds what does that have to do with the Bitcoin culture?

It’s worth noting that Art holds significant value within the culture as it operates as a creative mirror of societal dynamics. In this context, Art captures and conveys the intricate tapestry of values, beliefs, and emotions prevalent across diverse temporal and communal contexts.

In this capacity, Art transcends basic artistic representation, functioning as an invaluable custodian of historical legacies, safeguarding the vestiges of time and heritage. Art’s potency lies in its ability to ignite the flames of ingenuity and discernment, nurturing the soil for innovative thinking and analytical reflection.

The convergence of these attributes culminates in Art assuming the role of a conduit, facilitating the cultivation of both individual and collective identities that drive cultural evolution in the process. In simpler terms, Art is culture. As the art change, the culture changes as well.

The State Of Bitcoin NFTs Right Now

Bitcoin ordinals continue spreading their roots in the non-fungible token, with the number of total inscriptions surpassing the 23 million mark. Nonetheless, the hype around Bitcoin ordinal has slightly faded in recent weeks.

Data compiled by, an on-chain data aggregator, Bitcoin Ordinals have attracted a trading sales volume of $365,180, representing a 10% plunge in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin NFTs have flipped from their initial position and are now the seventh most traded NFTs.

Bitcoin NFTs

Source:,Bitcoin NFTs sales

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