ATMA KIRANA: A digital art tribute to Rukun Negara

The National Art Gallery unveils ATMA KIRANA, a mesmerizing digital art installation crafted by the celebrated Malaysian artist Abdul Shakir, known as ‘Grasshopper’. This innovative installation now holds the spotlight within the ongoing Single (Hanya Satu) exhibition situated at the entrance hall of the gallery.

Premiering on August 9, ATMA KIRANA aims to enthrall its audience through a visionary blend of digital technology and cultural significance, beckoning them to embark on a profound exploration of Malaysia’s Rukun Negara.

A Beautiful Soul unveiled

ATMA KIRANA embodies the concept of a Beautiful Soul, inviting visitors to collectively embark on an artistic journey that emphasizes the profound importance of the Rukun Negara. Coinciding with the much-awaited Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations, ATMA KIRANA extends an invitation to the public to delve into a voyage of self-discovery and introspection.

Through a harmonious blend of modernity and interaction, this installation serves as a dynamic medium to rekindle and revitalize conversations about the cherished values that have long united Malaysians across generations.

“The forefathers behind these principles had never seek for any form of validation. The least we can do is to appreciate the oath they had designed for this country. I do wish to create conversations revolving this topic and at the same time, showcase my work.” remarked Abdul Shakir, the visionary artist behind ATMA KIRANA

The installation features five distinct flower motifs, each symbolizing a core principle – Faith (Percaya), Loyalty (Setia), Good Governance (Luhur), Rules of Law (Adil), and Kindness (Baik). These floral representations, gracefully suspended mid-air using a complex arrangement of 100 LED panels, come together to create a captivating interplay of colors, light, and shapes.

A fusion of art and technology

Beyond its visual appeal, ATMA KIRANA holds deeper implications. The installation serves as a testament to sustainable design practices, having been crafted using recycled LED panels that once adorned Kuala Lumpur’s urban landscape. This commitment to sustainability underscores the integration of environmental consciousness within the artwork’s narrative.

Abdul Shakir, renowned for his expertise in various forms of new media art, meticulously designed each flower motif to encapsulate the core principles. “I intend to connect physical and digital art, bringing anything digital to a tangible space,” Shakir shared.

The lotus flower symbolizes Faith, the luffa flower embodies Loyalty, the interconnected Bunga Keledek signifies Good Governance, the Tumeric flower represents Rules of Law, and the Orchid embodies Kindness.

A tribute to unity and growth

Through the medium of ATMA KIRANA, Abdul Shakir aims to ignite meaningful conversations and introspection. This installation holds the potential to enlighten society by facilitating dialogues across generations and diverse backgrounds. The amalgamation of traditional motifs and digital technology vividly underscores Malaysia’s enduring core values throughout its history.

The National Art Gallery invites the public to experience the mesmerizing ATMA KIRANA installation. It will be on display from 9 August until 30 October 2023, with free admission. The installation not only pays homage to Malaysia’s Rukun Negara but also stands as a contemporary representation of the nation’s unity and cultural richness.

For more information and updates, visit the official website of the National Art Gallery, and stay connected through their official social media channels.

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