Architect Life: A House Design Simulator announced for Switch

Architect Life A House Design Simulator

Nacon, in partnership with Shine Research, today unveiled Architect Life: A House Design Simulator. The game arrives on Switch in 2025.

Architect Life: A House Design Simulator lets players create their ideal home. It features 3D plan modeling, on-site decision maker, and more.

Additional information can be found in the following overview:

Make the most of your extensive creative freedom, with a huge variety of materials, structures and items, and above all innovative construction tools which will enable you to design and customise your buildings, from the shape of each room to detailed roof drawings.

Key Features

  • Career mode – You take charge of an architectural firm, and are entrusted with managing its contemporary home design projects. Model each home according to the client’s specifications and the terrain, select the subcontractors, and supervise the construction. All this will earn you experience points to gradually unlock new ways of executing these projects (new construction materials and techniques, green energies, etc.).
  • Free mode – You select the environment and terrain from 60 different options and then enjoy complete creative freedom!
  • Innovative and intuitive tools – Room and roof drawings, with precise dimension and angle measurements, creation of balconies and mezzanines, structure extensions, a wide selection of materials and coatings, etc. The simple, ergonomic tools provided by Architect Life are designed to maximise the creative possibilities available.
  • Equipment and fittings – Manage room heating by optimising the quantity and placement of heating devices, customise the interior of your homes down to the exact colour of the furniture, and enhance the outdoor space with vegetation and a variety of facilities (swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.)
  • Virtual visit – Switch to first-person mode to visit your homes once built. Change the position of the sun to test the rooms’ performance in different lights, and relax as you admire your creations within their biome.

For a closer look at Architect Life: A House Design Simulator, view the trailer below.

Reveal Trailer

[embedded content]

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