Antoni Gaudí’s canonization process reaches new stage

The Archdiocese of Barcelona explained that Gaudí’s cause has now entered a new phase, bringing the visionary architect of the Sagrada Familia one step closer to the revered status of venerable.

The beatification process of Antoni Gaudí, the esteemed Catalan architect revered as “God’s architect” and acclaimed designer of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Basilica, has reached a pivotal milestone on its journey towards his potential canonization as a saint in the Catholic Church.

The Archdiocese of Barcelona explained that Gaudí’s cause has now entered a new phase, bringing the visionary architect one step closer to the revered status of venerable, a significant precursor on the path to beatification and canonization.

As read in the note published in the Archdiocese’s website, the Asociación Canónica Pro Canonización de Antoni Gaudí submitted the “positio super vita, virtutibus, et fama sanctitatis” (position on the life, virtues, and reputation of holiness) to the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Causes of Saints on December 4.

This submission, deemed the fundamental argument supporting Gaudí’s beatification, signifies the commencement of the “final process towards beatification,” the Archdiocese stated.

“God’s Architect”

Antoni Gaudí, a luminary in the realms of modernist and naturalist architecture, passed away in 1926 at the age of 73. His most iconic creation, the Sagrada Familia Basilica, the masterpiece dominating the Barcelona skyline, has been under construction for over a century. But that is about to change: The organization in charge of the basilica recently announced that the four Towers of the Evangelists are now complete. Of the 18 towers Gaudí included in his final design, 17 are finally fully built: 12 of them dedicated to the Apostles, four to the Evangelists, and one to the Virgin Mary (which was finished in 2021). The final and tallest tower, rising 172.5 meters high, will be dedicated to Jesus Christ. It’s the only piece of the structure that remains unfinished.

If everything goes as planned, the basilica will be finished in 2026.

Gaudí’s architectural prowess is celebrated for seamlessly integrating nature, sacred Scripture, and liturgy. Furthermore, Gaudí’s fascination with nature is reflected in the basilica’s general structure. He drew inspiration from the organic world, creating a network of columns and arches that resemble the branching and interconnection of trees. These architectural elements not only provide a unique aesthetic distinction, but also enhance the structural stability of the Sagrada Familia. It’s a compelling demonstration of how the fusion of art and science can lead to sustainable and enduring architectural achievements.  

Pope Benedict XVI lauded Gaudí for brilliantly contributing to the construction of human consciousness, harmoniously bridging the worldly and the divine, and enriching and sanctifying human existence through Christ.

Detail from the Passion facade of Sagrada Familia Cathedral, designed by Spanish sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs.
Sagrada Familia

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