Amazon Treats Players With Free In-Game NFTs Via Prime

Amazon Prime has rolled out an exciting offering for its 170 million subscribers — the chance to claim special in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from popular blockchain games like Mojo Melee and Blankos Block Party (BBP). Starting August 9th, these NFTs are up for grabs, each unlocking unique characters or benefits within specified games through Amazon’s gaming portal.

Blankos Block Party, created in collaboration with Mythical Games and Third Kind Games, takes players into a multiplayer environment filled with customizable avatars and an immersive world brought to life by a distinct black vinyl art style. 

In this game, NFTs are not just for play – they can also be traded for profit, forming the backbone of a play-and-earn economy. A noteworthy fact is that BBP made history by being the first web3 game to launch on the Epic Stores platform.

Unveiling the NFT Collection

In the selection of NFTs that you can get, folks with Amazon Prime can snag the special Twilight Strix Blanko NFT from BBP. This unique NFT comes with the power to harness the energy of the new moon against malevolent forces. Another highlight is the Midnight Crest Helmet NFT, a legendary headpiece designed to cut through the darkness with style. 

For players of Mojo Melee, a strategic deck-building game, there’s the opportunity to acquire the Gwyn Rockhopper Champion & Ore Bundle NFT. This particular NFT embodies Gwyn Rockhopper’s enigmatic persona, celebrated for her unpredictable magic and cunning tactics.

Amazon’s Strategic Embrace of NFTs

When Amazon offers NFTs exclusively to Prime members, it doesn’t just make gamers happy but also emphasizes how important this technology is to the company’s plans. Rumors circulated in March hinted at Amazon’s plan to integrate NFTs connected to tangible assets, and speculation about an NFT marketplace has swirled, though no official confirmation has surfaced. 

Recent moves, including the enhancement of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with tools like “Access” and “Query” for decentralized app deployment, demonstrate Amazon’s commitment to the blockchain ecosystem. This expansion of services integrates seamlessly with Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), highlighting Amazon’s continued support for blockchain innovation.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming is a special perk offered to people who subscribe to Amazon’s Prime membership. Essentially, Prime Gaming offers unique advantages to Prime members, such as getting free stuff for games or even complete games that users can download and have forever. 

Apart from NFT games, Amazon has partnered with creators of popular games like League of Legends, Roblox, Diablo IV, and Madden NFL 23 to provide free game items to subscribers. The assortment of free goodies is regularly refreshed, covering big-name franchises as well as lesser-known indie treasures.”

Final Thought

Amazon’s new offering of in-game NFTs to its Prime subscribers adds another layer of excitement to the world of blockchain gaming. This move showcases Amazon’s recognition of the potential of NFTs within immersive virtual realms and reinforces its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. As subscribers dive into these exclusive NFTs, they’re not only accessing unique items within games but also contributing to the growing ecosystem of blockchain-based innovation.

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