All you need to know about the ‘The Simpsons’ NFTs

Edited by Adarsh Kumar Gupta
May 15, 2023 12:00 AM IST

These collectibles allow the artists to monetize their creations in a digital manner.

The Simpsons Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT) are digital assets which represent internet collectibles from the cartoon series with an authentic certificate created by blockchain technology. These collectibles allow the artists to monetize their creations in a digital manner. Some examples of The Simpsons NFTs are Cowboy Homer, Hippie Homer, Superman Bart, Zombie Bart, Batman Bart etc.

Marge Simpson NFT(Twitter)

Marge Simpson NFT(Twitter)

In 2021, Disney collaborated with digital marketplace VeVe and launched The Simpsons NFTs in gold as part of their Disney Golden Moments theme. The first of those NFTs showcased The Simpsons’ characters Homer and Bart strangling each other. The second Simpson NFT from the collection, was Bart’s skateboard which had an imprint of the character’s skull and crossbones on the underside of the board.

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In 2021, a “Homer Pepe” NFT sold for over $320,000.It was a digital artwork made by merging The Simpsons icon Homer Simpson with meme sensation Pepe The Frog. Interestingly, the seller Peter Kell had bought the collectible for $38,500. After earning a huge profit from its sale, he had said: “This is an absolutely insane event in the NFT world. I’ve definitely learned the value of Digital Art. More proof that NFTs are the real deal and will be a big part of how art is sold in the future.”

Blockchain technology on which the NFTs work, is a technique for recording information that guarantees its safety and accuracy. It prevents or makes it challenging to alter, deceive, or compromise the system. In essence, a blockchain is a digital record of transactions that is distributed and duplicated across a network or computer systems employing blockchain technology.

501 of the most influential people in history have been created as nonfungible tokens on the Etherium network. Digital collectibes of Alex Ferguson, Aamir Khan, Kamala Harris, Karim Benzema, Iron Man, Hellboy, Daffy Duck, Captain America, Captain jack Sparrow, Bill Gates, Hitman, Joker, Lady Gaga, Lionel Messi etc. have been made.

NFTs including The Simpsons ones, can be bought and sold through digital wallets which allows to store one’s NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies can be purchased from platforms like OpenSea, Coinbase, Kraken, PayPal, etc. However, internet users and fans must note that an NFT can’t be directly exchanged with another NFT.

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