All 15 Free Comic Book Day 2023 Titles Also Released Digitally So Far

Last week saw Free Comic Book Day hit comic book stores around the world, with around 50 titles up for grabs. But did you read these 16?

Last week saw Free Comic Book Day hit comic book stores around the world, with around fifty titles up for grabs. But with so many comics, there’s many that may have missed out on a title or three, and with eBay ramping up, here’s a chance to catch up with fifteen of them for free,

  • Uncanny Avengers/X-Men: Free Comic Book Day 
    Be the first to arrive at this year’s game-changing Hellfire Gala in a story by the current X-MEN creative team: writer Gerry Duggan and artist Joshua Cassara. This year’s HELLFIRE GALA will be more dramatic than ever, and the tragic events of the night will lead mutantkind directly into FALL OF X.  Then, join Duggan and superstar artist Javier Garrón as they reassemble the Avengers Unity Squad to navigate the dangers of FALL OF X and solve the mystery of the new Captain Krakoa in a prelude story to their upcoming run of UNCANNY AVENGERS. This action-packed story also features the debut of the Stark Sentinels, a new line of mutant hunters who cause major havoc on the night of the Gala and in the pages of Duggan’s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.
  • Spider-Man/Venom
    For years, the symbiote family in the Marvel Universe has grown, and the latest smash-hit run on VENOM is no exception. With the violent and dangerous Meridius readying for war, the stage is set for catastrophe and this year’s Free Comic Book Day marks the beginning of the end of the symbiotes! Readers will also dive into the next story arc of Zeb Wells’ run of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with a story that sees the return of two classic Spidey villains! Featuring incredible art by Patrick Gleason, this thrilling story also unleashes the full potential of Spider-Man’s new suit!
  • Marvel’s Voices
    Spotlighting creators and characters across Marvel’s diverse and ever-evolving universe, this book includes a range of stories from previous MARVEL’S VOICES issues that star Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Wave, and more! Plus, a brand-new Ironheart adventure by writer John Jennings and Paris Alleyne that debuts her deadly new nemesis, Khem!
  • Spidey & Friends
    Kids will love this not-to-be-missed comic: the perfect primer for the newest generation of Spider-Fans! Swing into adventure with Spidey, Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales as they face off against Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and more in this spectacular special. Filled with easy-to-read comic stories based on the hit Disney Junior show, this book is perfect for the youngest readers aged 5-7. Young fans will even be able to test their wall-crawling skills with thrilling interactive activity pages!
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
    In the lead up to events in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up to face an all-new threat in the exclusive prequel comic that ties directly into the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man! Read the full synopsis to the comic, then pick up Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation for the PS5 console when the game swings into stores this year!
  • Dawn of DC Knight Terrors 
    Legendary comics artist Chris Bachalo (Doctor Strange, Deadpool) is returning to DC for the first time in over 20 years and teaming up with Williamson and Porter to help give fans an early look at Knight Terrors, with the Dawn of DC Knight Terrors Free Comic Book Day Special Edition. After a long night of crime-fighting with his father, Batman, Damian Wayne sleeps. But horrors invade his teenage dreams. Damian has seen a lot, but there is something different about this nightmare.
  • Dawn of DC We Are Legends 
    Get ready for We Are Legends with the DAWN OF DC WE ARE LEGENDS SPECIAL EDITION comic book, previewing DC’s upcoming series SPIRIT WORLD, THE VIGIL, and CITY BOY!
  • Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story
    Ambitious small-town girl Lois Lane tackles a summer in the big city with gusto, but a cavalcade of setbacks-including an annoying frenemy roommate, a beyond-tedious internship at a suddenly corporatized website, and a boss who demotes her to coffee-fetching minion-threatens to derail her extremely detailed life plan. And, you know, her entire future. From beloved author Sarah Kuhn (Shadow of the Batgirl, Heroine Complex), and with expressive and lively art by Arielle Jovellanos, comes a charming YA story about the strength it takes to embrace the messiness of life. This Free Comic Book Day special edition features an excerpt from the upcoming original graphic novel Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story.
  • Clark & Lex and Fann Club: Batman Squad
    FEATURING PREVIEWS OF TWO GREAT GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR YOUNG READERS! Struggling with understanding why his parents demand he hide his amazing superpowers, Clark Kent has no problem using a bit of super-speed or super-strength to give himself that extra edge as quarterback of the football team or while doing chores around the farm. And when LuthorCorp holds a competition to find the best and brightest for a summer internship in Metropolis, Clark decides to use his X-ray vision to cheat his way in, especially since it might be a way of getting out of Smallville. From New York Times bestselling author Brendan Reichs and artist Jerry Gaylord comes a fresh twist to a familiar face that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats! Also in this special edition… ERNEST FANN IS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BATMAN…FAN. Ernest Fann idolizes Batman. It might not even be much of a stretch to say he wants to model his life after him. So, with no training or superpowers, young Ernest takes on the name of Gerbilwing and decides to set up a crime fighting unit consisting of his best friend, his babysitter, and his dog. But things get complicated when Ernest and his friends visit a bank that happens to be in the middle of a robbery being committed by a werewolf! Will the Batman Squad taste defeat on their very first day of crime-fighting? Join New York Times bestselling writer-illustrator Jim Benton (Catwad, Franny K. Stein) for the laugh-out-loud adventure of a lifetime!
  • Star Wars High Republic Adventures/Avatar: The Last Airbender
    (W) Daniel Jose Older, Amy Chu (A) Harvey Tolibao, Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews (CA) Daniel Jose Older
    Get set for adventure with stories from the farthest reaches of a galaxy far, far way; as well as the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender! In Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures the galaxywide conflict between the Jedi Order and the Nihil intensifies, and a shuttle full of younglings gets caught in the crossfire!  In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang and his friends come across a village decimated by the Fire Nation. One survivor-a young child named Luumi-refuses to open up to anyone except fellow Earth Kingdom native Toph. Exclusive Original Material Rating: All-Ages
  • Umbrella Academy/The Witcher 
    Presenting fan-favorites for FCBD: a squad of superpowered siblings and the infamous monster hunter! In The Umbrella Academy “Safe,” Hargreeves and Abhijit embark on an interdimensional journey and find a cosmic horror that will have repercussions for our heroes and the universe. Then, in The Witcher “Frog Kiss,” Geralt must uncover why the young women in Novigrad are turning into frogs!
  • Star Trek: Prelude to Day of Blood
    To boldly go, join us for the exclusive prelude to IDW’s FIRST Star Trek Summer Crossover Event as STAR TREK and STAR TREK: DEFIANT collide in STAR TREK: DAY OF BLOOD! But that’s not all! Join the crew of STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS as they take to the holodeck, enjoying some much-needed recreational time—until a bloodthirsty visitor joins in on their games.
  • Runescape 
    by Ryan O’Sullivan, Daniel Bayliss, Laurel Dundee
    After more than 21 years of setting world records (300M+ accounts and counting), Jagex and Titan Comics bring out a brand new comic series; the first to be set in the iconic medieval fantasy realm of Gielinor, which is home to humans, elves, dwarves and dragonkin alike. Filled with vibrant characters, daring adventure and mysterious magics, this FCBD story leads directly into an epic new 4-part series!
  • Conan The Barbarian
    Created by the team behind the new ongoing series – Jim Zub, Roberto De La Torre and José Villarrubia! On the eve of his first major battle, young Conan of Cimmeria pictures a life beyond the borders of his homeland and yearns for a life of adventure undreamt of in his small village. Visions of future allies and unspeakable evils he will eventually encounter throughout his fabled career fill his mind, as he makes the choice to take his first fateful step into the Hyborian Age.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures
    In 1987, the world at large was introduced to the TMNT by way of a catchy theme song and an action-packed cartoon, shell-shocking the world into an era of Turtlemania! Since then, the characters have appeared in countless comics, a multitude of animated series, and several motion pictures. Turn the nostalg-o-meter up to 11 this FCBD and revisit two fan-favorite eras of TMNT animation in comic book form with this special presentation of stories from IDW’s smash-hit Saturday Morning Adventures and the recent small-screen venture Rise of the TMNT!

And away from Free Comic Book Day, you can sneakily pre-order DC Primer for next week on Kindle right here.

All 15 Free Comic Book Day 2023 Titles Also Released Digitally So Far
Free Comic Book Day

Dawn of DC Primer Special Edition #1

For years, Amanda Waller has seen the heroes of the DC Universe as a dangerous threat that could lead to the end of the world. Ever since Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amanda Waller has operated in the shadows to collect deadly weapons and to create an army of allies who agree with her. Now she’s forced to bring some of the worst enemies of the DC Universe an offer they can’t refuse. The Dawn of DC Primer 2023 Special Edition, written by Joshua Williamson with artwork by Leandro Fernandez, reveals Dawn of DC’s secrets, threats, and connective stories in 2023 and beyond!

All 15 Free Comic Book Day 2023 Titles Also Released Digitally So Far
Free Comic Book Day

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