Album Review: Architects – The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit –

Cait Stoddard May 12th, 2023 – 8:00 AM

Album Review: Architects – The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit

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British metalcore band, Architects, have been creating their own musical havoc since the early 2000s and in October the band released their album The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit. As a whole, the instrumentation on each track sizzles the atmosphere with killer guitar riffs and drum beats while the dominant vocal performance brings the feeling of high strung emotions. Fans who enjoy hearing Architects’ music are in for a treat.

The band kicks the album off with “Deep Fake” and the guitar playing from Adam Christianson and Josh Middleton displays how powerful they are as guitarists. Throughout the track, each riff contributes to the endless energy while the rest of the band creates cohesive instrumentation. 

The thrilling “Spit the Bone” is a tune which shows how powerful Sam Carter is as a singer. Carter’s voice remains strong and authoritative while singing and wailing out the lyrics.

“Living is Killing Us” is an honest ditty which consists of lyrics people can relate to. The words, “We fell in love with a death machine/Too much will never be enough/Push comes to shove, but it’s heresy just to be/Living is killing us” describes how the negativity in our society is our fault and how we are using hate instead of kindness.

Vein jolting “Born Again Pessimist” has Alex Dean’s bass guitar shaking the background with solid riffs. While listening, each note follows the musical flow with top notch rhythmic noise. “Born Again Pessimist” screams metalcore thanks to Dean’s skills as a bassist.

“Be Very Afraid” ends The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit on a high note thanks to Dan Searle’s dynamic drum playing. Right at the beginning, wild drum beats welcome listeners to Architects’s dark world within this composition. Searle’s drum playing is delightfully exhilarating, especially considering how fast his drumming style changes throughout the track. On “Be Very Afraid” Searle shines brightly with his dynamic drum playing.

The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit is an album that proves how serious the Architects are about their music and showcases how much they have grown as a band.


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