Long gone are the days when you could only imagine what Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones would look like as a baby by dressing up your own toddler for Halloween. Thanks to AI-powered software, such as Midjourney and DALL-E, which has helped countless artists realize their wildest ideas with a few clicks of a mouse and hand-calibrated text prompts, we can see The Simpsons‘ characters as real human beings and a plethora of selfies by iconic figures.

With so many new images being generated every single day – to the tune of 20 million, according to WIRED – it begs the question why so many folks are so hyped up about playing around with AI these days? Well, it’s simple, really: these text-to-image canvases of unlimited potential are churning out some seriously impressive things that’s just begging to be admired.

The best part? These AI-generated images are totally unique. You won’t find one that’s an exact copy of the other (although, there’s always a slight chance). They’re constantly surprising us with new and unexpected patterns, also additional pairs of fingers, never seen before. To steal a phrase from WIRED’s Kevin Kelly: “It’s a similar pleasure to exploring a video game world, or paging through an art book.” We couldn’t say it any better, even with the help of AI.

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