7 Stylish Mobile Homes Owned by Celebrities


It’s common practice for A-listers to have trailers on set. A cozy mobile home-away-from-home outfitted with all the amenities they could need—packed into a sensible 600 or so square feet—is an oasis-like respite on long shoot days. Mobile homes also serve as secondary off-the-job home bases for some celebrities who’ve found themselves drawn in by the allure of an Airstream, the practicality of a downsized existence, or simply the freedom of an untethered dwelling that allows one to make themselves at home anywhere on and along the open road. Though they’re more strongly associated with a working-class lifestyle, there are mobile home lovers from all backgrounds. Spots in America’s most luxe trailer park, Malibu’s Paradise Cove, sell for millions of dollars; on the east coast, Montauk Shores in the Hamptons has drawn NYC elites out to the waterfront for trailers that regularly list in the ballpark of seven figures. Read on to see why these celebrities opted to park a mobile home in their real estate portfolios over the years.

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