6 best new songs right now: 12/8/23



Psycho-Frame – “Straightjacket” (Feat. Scarab)

Psycho-Frame’s spring 2023 EP, Remote God Seeker, was so good that Revolver readers just voted them one of the top five deathcore bands in the game. Even crazier is that the proclaimed “spin-kick deathcore” band’s second offering, Automatic Death Protocol, is better.

“Straightjacket,” for instance, begins with a maddening hornet swarm of blasts and brees, and then delivers one pummeling breakdown after another, each heavier than the last.

As a handshake with hardcore, Scarab’s Tyler Mullen (formerly of Year of the Knife) even shows up to do his signature ya-ya-ya-ya mic-cup sound. Now, stop reading and start punching.

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