15 Popular Celebrity Homes on YouTube


– Video views: 14.1 million
– Release date: May 19, 2022
– Home location: Calabasas, California
– Value: $9.5 million
– Built: Data not available
– Size: 10,198 square feet

In 2007, famed Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker purchased this stylish Calabasas home, a one-story creative space designed with his blended family in mind. Barker brought on famed designer Waldo Fernandez to reimagine his abode of 16 years, giving the designer full control. Barker’s house was renovated while he was on tour, and the end result—a calm, breathable, and livable space with light-filled windows and minimal walls—was a happy surprise for the drummer.

The house is curated without feeling delicate, a livable space offering ample room for Barker and wife Kourtney Kardashian’s children to live and play comfortably in, with careful attention put into communal spaces such as the kitchen, entertainment room, living room, outdoor living area, and the dining room. The home also offers quiet nooks showing Barker’s unique styles and interest in art. Amenities include a recording studio, a home theater, a four-car garage, and an outdoor pool.

Barker’s soft-spoken presence is surprising but refreshing for a rock star, and the love put into his family and his home shines through in the video as he warmly remarks on his children learning to swim in the home’s pool, biking through the hallways, and handmade gifts from Kardashian and her daughter making appearances in his master bedroom.

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