WSCCC signs contract with architect


Steering committee members for Western Sky Community Care Center (WSCCC) continue to work to accomplish the goal of restoring nursing home care to Perkins County.

“One thing we are adapting to is timelines,” said board president Mark Bottom. “With so many moving parts, timelines ebb and flow. We are in the ‘hurry up and wait’ phase on many fronts.”

The group has signed a contract with Architecture Etcetera in Lincoln to finalize a design for the proposed nursing home facility. 

After two meetings with the firm, Bottom said he’s learning how many things there are to consider when coming up with a successful design for taking care of approximately 40 residents.

“We are working to balance comfort and a feeling of homeyness with efficiency in operations,” Bottom said. “And we also have to meet federal and state requirements.”

He added that the group hopes to have a design drawing to share in the near future.

WSCCC continues to coordinate work with Senior Insight on a market study, bringing in more regional support in response to requests from the USDA for additional data. This includes individuals from the Nebraska Business Development Center at the University of Omaha.

“Our goal is to have everything compiled and submitted by Senior Insight in the first week of May,” Bottom said.

“There are more projects in the works for fundraising, and we still need support,” he added. “We appreciate the generosity of our communities and all the help they have given us.”

Bottom encourages anyone with questions to reach out to a board member, or to check in on the WSCCC Facebook page or website.  

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