Well-loved Denton public art space disappears under purple paint; city, Voertman’s weigh in

For a couple of years now the Nook between Aura Coffee and Voertman’s bookstore on Hickory Street has been an official community art space for those who wish to express themselves through public art like murals and graffiti.

The Nook had once been known as the off-campus smoking spot since it’s across the street from the University of North Texas. “The Nook embodies the college student. It’s art. It’s trash. It’s a bunch of psychological problems. It’s a good place to discover yourself,” then-UNT student Emily Fryksater told the North Texas Daily in 2016.

denton clean up

The Nook, owned and designated an official public art space by Voertman’s bookstore next door, was painted purple between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Graffit nook

By Monday afternoon, artists had started working over the purple paint that cloaked the Denton public art space.

Nook rules

The rules of the Nook posted by Voertman’s were also tagged.

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