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Unruggable NFTs

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Ether ETF Buzz

  1. SEC OKs ETFs. America’s leading securities regulator just approved 8 spot ETH ETFs, a landmark decision that could spur the next bullish surge for crypto and NFTs.
  2. 📺 Warpcast channel changes. The leading Farcaster app released a new version of its channel system that updates the way channel feeds, hosting, and moderation works.
  3. 🐵 OnChainMonkey migration prep. The popular Ordinals collection is launching an upgrade portal on May 30th that will allow its genesis Ethereum collectors to migrate to Bitcoin.


Intro to BLASTR

Blast is currently the only Layer 2 (L2) that offers native yield via ETH staking and real world assets (RWAs).

The idea? Holders of ETH and stablecoins on Blast automatically earn interest simply for holding their assets on the network. 

One project that’s built an interesting creator monetization avenue around this model is BLASTR, a platform that makes it easy to create and collect “unruggable” NFTs.

Dive into today’s full post to learn how to get started here 👇


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via CastSense

If you’re like me, you’ve been looking to lean more into the Farcaster ecosystem lately.

A handy new resource for helping you analyze and track key stats here? CastSense

Created by Shashank, CastSense is an analytics platform where you can easily study follower and engagement metrics for Farcaster accounts, like your own profile or those of top casters, as well as for channels.

It’s not the end-all and be-all solution for upping your Farcaster game–you’ll also need some posting skills for that–but it does offer you a bird’s-eye view for discovering notable insights and trends. Don’t sleep on it!

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