Threatening and Insulting Graffiti against Croats appeared near Mostar


Threatening and insulting graffiti was written against Croatian returnees last night in the suburban settlement of Vrapčići near Mostar, where they returned after the war.

“The case was reported to the police, who conducted an investigation,” they stated for Hina from the Ministry of Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva County.

Last night, between 21:00 and 22:00 hours, unknown perpetrators wrote the threatening graffiti “Oh Alija, send us salads, there will be meat, we will slaughter the Croats” on the road leading to the village of Mikulića.

Earlier, an identical message was written on a nearby wall, and the message “Only a dead Croat is a good Croat” was written on the fence of a house.

Not far from those messages are the graffiti of the Velež fan group.

In a statement to the local media, the Croats there expressed their concern and fear over such messages.

In particular, they warn against the inaction of local institutions, including the local community, whose representatives did nothing to remove threatening writings against Croats. The settlement of Vrapčići is located in the eastern, predominantly Bosniak part of the city, Hina reports.

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