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The Reason Open Houses In The 1950s Were Always Held On Sundays


Another reason that open houses in the 1950s were always held on Sundays is that advertisements in Sunday newspapers often had higher circulation and readership. This made it an ideal day to advertise open houses because more people were most likely to see them that day. It is also possible that “blue laws” and their restriction on conducting business transactions on Sundays made it more conducive to have the showing on that day. One of the most attended open houses in this time period was hosted by Howdy Howard in Dallas. He was able to draw in thousands of people with the incentives of free sodas and a Cadillac for whoever ended up being the buyer.

As time went on, open houses became the popular way to show a home on a Sunday afternoon so offers could be received that night or the next day. Sunday remains the best day to hold an open house due to its convenience and ability to attract people. Because it has become traditional practice, potential buyers can maximize the whole day and attend multiple open houses. Real estate professionals and sellers are also more likely to be available and able to dedicate their time to answering questions from potential buyers.

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