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Larry Shakman at The HomeBuyer's Hour

Larry Shakman at The HomeBuyer’s Hour

The HomeBuyers Hour on AM820

The HomeBuyers Hour on AM820

Charles Bellefontaine

Charles Bellefontaine of Chicagoland Home Inspectors, Inc.

Joey Mathews

Joey Mathews of The Federal Savings Bank

Patrick Loftus

Patrick Loftus of Loftus Law is a Co-Host on The HomeBuyers Hour

In the newest episode of “The Homebuyer’s Hour,” guest host Larry Shakman discusses balanced and logical resolutions to emotionally fraught situations.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, July 27, 2023/ — In an intriguing turn of events during the opening minutes of the Homebuyer’s Hour, host Charles Bellefontaine spared no time inquiring about the financial market’s condition. Joey Matthews, a reputable VA loan nerd, provided a fascinating outlook for clients in response to his query.

Matthews promptly responded to Bellefontaine’s inquiry about the state of the financial market by predicting that interest rates would rise. “The Fed funds rate will be increased by a quarter point today. “The market has already baked it,” Matthews stated with confidence.

As the conversation progressed, Bellefontaine introduced Larry Shakman; with uncertainty lingering large in investors’ minds, Shakman’s knowledge and insight will be invaluable to those attempting to navigate these challenging market conditions. The Homebuyer’s Hour promises to be an informative and entertaining session for all viewers as it continues.

Larry Shakman has over two decades of experience in the dynamic and competitive real estate market. Larry Shakman has established himself as an industry authority and top-performing agent. As the primary force behind The Luxe Group, Shakman has earned a reputation for his unwavering dedication to providing clients in Naperville, the western suburbs, and the Chicago metropolitan area with expert guidance and exceptional service.

Larry Shakman provides a unique perspective, allowing him to effectively guide sellers, buyers, and investors through the complex and rapidly changing real estate market. Whether clients seek to sell their property or make a wise investment, Shakman’s extensive knowledge and unmatched insight guarantee a successful transaction.

Larry Shakman and The Luxe Group have been instrumental in representing purchasers, sellers, and investors in the local real estate market for over two decades in partnership with EXP Realty. Throughout this period, their dedication to excellence has garnered them a stellar reputation as market leaders. As he explains, Shakman’s proven home selling strategy is a testament to their success: “We sell homes for more because we have a proven strategy that puts the seller in control of a much more convenient home selling experience, creating a predictable outcome with higher sale prices, and putting more money in the pockets of our clients.”

The Luxe Group handles every aspect of the real estate transaction, ensuring their clients have a pleasant experience. Shakman and his team leave no stone unturned, from pre-inspection walk-throughs, valuation, decluttering, staging, pre-marketing, list, and launch to daily/weekly updates, multiple offer reviews and consultations, and even being present at all home inspections and appraisals.

The geographic scope of Larry Shakman’s clientele includes Naperville, Aurora, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Plainfield, Lisle, Downers Grove, St. Charles, and Geneva, as well as the entire Chicago real estate market. The Luxe Group’s dedication to individualized service extends to their clients, ensuring they receive the white-glove treatment throughout the home-buying process. Their devoted professionals diligently search for the ideal property, leaving no stone unturned until their clients discover their ideal residence.

Larry Shakman and The Luxe Group continue to raise the bar in the real estate industry with their legacy of excellence. Their unwavering commitment to their clients and their tried-and-true strategies make them the go-to choice for anyone navigating the Naperville, western suburbs, and Chicago metropolitan real estate markets.

In a recent incident that left local attorney Charles Bellefontaine bewildered, a routine home inspection took an unexpected turn when the seller’s attorney attacked him verbally over test results indicating a mold problem. The incident highlighted the importance of professionalism and effective communication during real estate transactions. Bellefontaine had been contacted by the seller’s attorney to conduct a home inspection. The purpose was to assess the air quality within the property and identify any potential mold-related risks that could impact Bellefontaine’s family. During the inspection, an air quality test in the basement revealed elevated mold levels, pointing towards a significant issue requiring immediate attention. When the client sought clarification about the implications of the elevated results, Bellefontaine regretfully admitted to being unable to identify the problem’s specific location due to the test’s limited scope. What should have been a civilized discussion quickly descended into a heated dispute as the client grew increasingly aggressive and verbally abusive. Despite Bellefontaine’s attempts to maintain a polite and professional demeanor, the encounter left him shocked and concerned about the lack of respect demonstrated.

During the conversation, Bellefontaine questioned Shakman and Loftus about approaching the buyer, typically represented by their legal counsel, when acting as the sellers’ attorneys. According to Patrick Loftus, this practice deviates from the traditional communication protocol between parties involved in a real estate transaction.

According to Loftus, limiting communication between the two attorneys ensures more efficient and well-organized proceedings. He noted that if multiple parties engage in direct conversation, the information may become apparent and lead to understanding. To avoid such complications, Loftus emphasized the importance of keeping an open line of communication between attorneys on both parties. Patrick Loftus indicated his inclination to contact a mortgage broker for additional details. By initiating direct communication with the mortgage broker, Bellefontaine aims to gather more specific information without impeding the coordinated efforts of the legal teams. This approach diverges further from conventional practices, where lawyers typically communicate solely with their counterparts.

Larry Shakman revealed his method for managing emotionally charged situations professionally while remaining grounded in logical reasoning. As a prominent industry figure, Shakman’s insights illuminate his strategies to ensure everyone’s requirements are considered and met.

Charles Bellefontaine questioned Shakman on his techniques for de-escalating emotions and returning parties to a rational state. Shakman emphasized the significance of maintaining objectivity and cautioned negotiators against becoming overly emotionally invested.

Shakman emphasized, “I believe the most important thing is for everyone to remain rational.” “Do not allow your emotions to become excessively entangled. I tell each client, “Let me handle the emotional aspect of this.”

Shakman’s approach highlights his function as a mediator and emotional guide in complex transactions. By handling the emotional aspect, he enables others to concentrate on the logical elements necessary for a satisfactory resolution. This approach has garnered praise from clients who have confidence in Shakman’s ability to maintain an objective perspective.

Shakman shared, “Whenever I communicate this, they all respond, ‘We’ll do our best.'” “And that typically leads me to believe I know where this is going.”

Shakman emphasized, in addition to his skill in navigating emotional dynamics, his proactive nature in assuring the success of transactions. He mentioned his habit of contacting mortgage brokers to keep abreast of any potential obstacles or issues that may arise during the negotiation process.

“When representing a purchaser, I will contact a mortgage broker to inquire about the transaction’s status. Shakman disclosed that he asked, ‘Is there anything I need to know or be aware of to keep this project moving forward and to the finish line?

Shakman prioritizes effective communication and collaboration with all parties involved in a real estate transaction, taking a proactive approach. His approach helps avoid potential obstacles and ensures a smooth journey from listing to closing.

As a leader in the industry, Shakman’s extensive knowledge and experience serve as invaluable guides for those seeking a balanced and logical resolution to emotionally fraught situations. His dedication to putting rationality first and managing the emotive aspects of a problem ensures that all parties can achieve their objectives.

Larry Shakman discussed his extensive experience managing situations involving mold. Shakman provides valuable insights into mold mitigation, as he has successfully handled over 250 mold-related projects.

Shakman, who began his real estate career in the early 2010s, rapidly became one of Illinois’s most prominent REO brokers, specializing in foreclosures and collaborating closely with Fannie Mae. He earned a reputation for effectively resolving mold-related issues associated with these foreclosed properties during his tenure.

When recalling his encounters with mold-infested homes, Shakman vividly describes entering dwellings infested with black mold from the cellar to the third floor. Despite the intimidating nature of these scenarios, he emphasizes that every mold problem encountered to date has been successfully mitigated and resolved.

Shakman emphasizes that mold remediation does not have to be prohibitively expensive, contrary to prevalent belief. Drawing parallels to radon, another prevalent domestic air quality issue, he emphasizes that both problems can be faced within a reasonable budget. He suggests that approaching negotiations with logic and reason is crucial.

Bellefontaine asked Matthews about the percentage of buyers he reaches out to through their respective selling agents. Joey responded, highlighting his strategy of being potential buyers’ first point of contact.

Matthews explained, “As soon as an offer is on the table, I make sure to reach out to the selling agent before they can contact me. In a competitive market like this, most list agents will likely contact lenders unless it’s a cash deal.”

He further elaborated, acknowledging the advantage of cash transactions and emphasizing the value of building a personal connection. “If it’s a cash deal, it is what it is. However, I strive to stay ahead by making that initial phone call. I aim to tap into the potential buyer’s emotions, persuading them to choose me as their agent instead of settling for a logical cash deal.”

Shakman believes in maintaining a logical and balanced approach throughout the transaction process.

Protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers is of utmost importance to Shakman, and he aims to ensure a smooth journey toward a successful property purchase or sale. Speaking eloquently, he emphasized the significance of a solid pre-approval process, which helps identify any potential issues that may arise down the road. “My loyalty is to the transaction,” Shakman affirmed, highlighting his commitment to facilitating a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

Shakman understands the delicate nature of negotiations and acknowledges the importance of both the buyer and seller feeling content and valued. “No deal gets done with one side feeling like they got beat up,” emphasized Shakman. He firmly believes in creating win-win situations where each party finds satisfaction in the final agreement.

Describing his role as a real estate therapist, Shakman highlighted the need for logical thinking and a level-headed approach to address any challenges. His extensive experience has taught him the value of maintaining equilibrium in this ever-changing industry. “I need more therapy than anybody I’ve dealt with in 23 years after doing this that long,” Shakman humorously confessed.

With a reputation for putting his clients first and ensuring a smooth transition process, Larry Shakman has established himself as a trustworthy figure in the real estate sector. His dedication to protecting the interests of buyers and sellers alike sets him apart as a reliable and compassionate real estate agent.

Loftus emphasized that by actively listening, real estate professionals can provide an invaluable gift to their clients – the feeling of being genuinely heard. According to Loftus, allowing individuals to express their concerns and thoughts demonstrates empathy and helps alleviate their anxieties. By relaying the message that someone cares enough to listen, the process becomes less stressful for the clients.

Shakman stressed the importance of managing stress during property transactions and acknowledging the inherently high-stakes nature of such deals.

The real estate industry, known for its complexities and emotional significance, often requires professionals to navigate various challenges. However, Loftus and Shakman agree that by honing their listening skills, real estate agents can enhance their ability to serve clients more effectively. By creating an environment wherein individuals feel heard and understood, these professionals aim to minimize stress and maximize satisfaction in property transactions.

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