The HomeBuyer’s Hour – Common Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make in Multiple Offer Situations

In this episode of The HomeBuyer’s Hour, guest hosts Janet Borden and Allison Silver discuss the common mistakes agents make in multiple offer situations.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, May 10, 2023/ — Janet Borden and Allison Silver have served the North Shore and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago for over three decades. Both Compass Real Estate brokers contribute abundant knowledge and experience to their clients.

Janet Borden, a resident of Highland Park for over 30 years, has effectively guided her clients through the ups and downs of the real estate market. She provides unparalleled personalized service and attention to detail to second and first-time purchasers and sellers. Borden’s commitment to her clients has garnered her a stellar reputation as the region’s most successful real estate agent.

In contrast, Allison Silver provides unmatched service and expertise to her clients on Chicago’s North Shore and Northwest Suburbs. Her experience working with purchasers, sellers, relocation clients, and investors demonstrates her dedication to providing superior real estate services. Professionalism, marketing expertise, and attention to detail have made Silver a favorite among local clients.

Janet Borden and Allison Silver distinguish themselves from other real estate agents by going above and beyond to help their clients achieve their objectives. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing real estate market, they recognize the importance of working with the right people. Therefore, they take the time to listen to their client’s needs and offer them the best advice and direction feasible.

Allison and Janet said different traditions exist in other marketplaces during the show. If an agent decides to enter a diverse marketplace, knowing what that community is giving for earnest money is essential.

Charles Bellefontaine asks, “How to price a home right?” Allison said the most important thing to do is have an aggressive plan to sell a home. Janet and Allison always have an aggressive plan for all of their sellers, and they make sure that the price of a home is correct. Allison said, “If you price a home correctly in today’s market, you will get that home sold.” Charlie Bellefontaine further asked Allison to elaborate, and Allison said that Janet and her do a market analysis where they cross-track check everything to ensure that they are pricing in it the right ballpark so that they will attract offers. Allison further says that it is in the seller’s best interest to expose the property being sold to everyone and not just to a select few people.

“What to do if a VA loan is not approved?” is another issue raised and discussed on the radio program. Joey Matthews responds that clients may seek a different lender and file an appeal. Patrick queries Joey how much a VA borrower is permitted to borrow. Joey responds that with the passage of the Bluewater Navy veteran act in 2019, all VA loan limits for veterans with full entitlement were eliminated.

During the radio program, Janet Borden and Allison Silver of Compass Real Estate demonstrate that they provide exceptional real estate services on Chicago’s North Shore and Northwest Suburbs. They are trustworthy advisors prepared to aid clients in navigating their real estate needs and attaining their goals.

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The HomeBuyer’s Hour – Common Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make in Multiple Offer Situations

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