The Great Babui Bust: How we lost those architects extraordinaire


For centuries, the babui thrived like a college student during exam week, both in the countryside and the city. Out in the boonies, they’d build elaborate nests in trees and shrubs, creating giant apartment complexes that would make any housing society blush. In the city, they were the ultimate urban adapters, finding swanky penthouses in parks and lining the avenues with their designer nests. It was like living in a concrete jungle with a touch of avian haute couture.

Here in Bangladesh, though, the babui had a thing for palm trees – the ultimate high-rises of the bird world. They liked coconuts, dates, and even the occasional betel nut tree, if push came to shove. The problem is, our cities are these glass and steel monsters with all the charm of a tax audit, offering zero nesting opportunities. Not exactly a recipe for a thriving Babui’s love life.

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