The Art of Baking @ Frost Artisan Bakery

Frost Artisan Bakery on Niagara Street is busy cooking up some fun surprises. After speaking to Jasmine Hidalgo (Executive Pastry Chef) last month, we felt that we should circle back in May, when there was more news to share.

It all starts with a super cute baking mural that was recently completed by artist Destiny Rogowski (Sweet Heart Pinup Studios), who also conducted a lighthearted photoshoot of Hidalgo, Melinda Farrauto (Head Baker), and Jenn Reese (Retro Baker Cookie Co). As a way to celebrate their combined good fortune, the three played around for Rogowski, who managed to capture their zestful attitude toward their dedicated profession.

Aside from the new shop mural, there’s a new addition to the team.

“We do have a new amazing cake artist – her name is Shannon Pilarski, we actually worked together at Zillycakes, Orchard Fresh, and Elm Street Bakery,” said Hidalgo. “She’s extremely talented as a cake artist and baker. She was actually on the Food Network twice for cake challenges.”

Since we last spoke, a new coffee machine has arrived. In addition, the team has selected a local roasting partner, which they will announce in coming days. At that point, when the machine set up, and the coffee program is fine-tuned, they will be brewing daily for customers who want to stop in for ‘a cup of joe,’ a slice of cake, some cookies, and various other sweet treats.

I love seeing a business of this nature having some good old fashioned fun. Not only does it make for an enjoyable atmosphere in the kitchen, the easygoingness also transcends to the front of the house. After all, who wouldn’t be content with a coffee in one hand and a cupcake in the other, prepared and served by such an exuberant team of sweethearts?

Frost Artisan Bakery | 1197 Niagara Street | Buffalo, NY 14213

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