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A top-notch team can be the difference between nailing your GCI goals and missing the mark entirely. Building a robust team of real estate agents isn’t just about attracting talent —it’s about appealing to the right talent. One of the most effective strategies for this is leveraging your own team’s success stories to generate inbound recruiting leads.

Success stories are powerful tools. They provide a tangible, real-world view of what your team has achieved and the environment you’ve cultivated. These narratives can attract like-minded, ambitious individuals who identify with your mission and values. So, how can real estate brokers leverage these stories to create a steady stream of potential agent candidates?

Highlight team achievements

Begin by showcasing your team’s victories. Whether it’s sealing a significant deal, achieving record-breaking sales, or receiving industry accolades, these accomplishments paint a picture of a successful and dynamic team. Use different mediums like blogs, social media posts, newsletters, and podcasts to share these stories. Remember to focus on the process as much as the outcome, highlighting the perseverance, collaboration, and skills that led to success.

Feature individual successes

While team achievements are crucial, pay attention to the power of individual successes. People are often drawn to stories of personal growth and triumph. Feature agents who’ve climbed the ranks mastered new skills or exceeded sales targets. These stories will resonate with ambitious candidates and foster a perception of your brokerage as a place for personal and professional growth.

Emphasize a supportive environment

It’s not all about the victories. A vital part of your team’s success story is the supportive environment that facilitated it. Discuss the mentorship programs, training opportunities, and resources available to your agents. Highlight instances where agents faced challenges and how the team’s collective effort helped overcome them. Such narratives can attract candidates looking for a nurturing, collaborative work environment.

Infuse authenticity

People can spot inauthentic stories from a mile away. Ensure your narratives are genuine and transparent. Include challenges and obstacles your team faced along their journey and how they overcame them. This approach shows potential recruits that while your team is ambitious, you’re also human and face real-world challenges.

Promote success stories actively

Create a dedicated section on your website to feature your success stories. Include testimonials from your agents, celebrating their journey with your brokerage. Share snippets of these stories on your social media platforms, leading readers to your site for the whole story. The aim is to put your stories front and center, catching the attention of potential recruits.

Leverage employee advocacy

Your agents are your best brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share their success stories on their social media channels. Their networks can be a rich source of potential candidates with similar values and ambitions.

Inbound recruiting done well can be a game-changer. Leveraging your team’s success stories allows potential agent candidates to envision themselves as part of your team, making them more likely to reach out and apply. By highlighting team and individual successes, emphasizing a supportive environment, maintaining authenticity, actively promoting these stories, and leveraging employee advocacy, you’re not just attracting talent— you’re attracting the right talent.

Remember, every story told is an opportunity to connect with a potential recruit, so let your team’s successes do the talking and watch your brokerage thrive.

Jim Turner is the founder and CEO of Brokerkit, an agent recruitment CRM for real estate brokers.

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