Side’s Steve Capezza on driving real estate team growth


Today’s RealTrending features Steve Capezza, president of Side Real Estate. Steve joined Side in January 2023 after a career with Zillow, most recently with Zillow’s Premier Agent program.

Tasked with national growth for Side, Capezza talks the power of a teamerage, what brokers should understand about the model, lessons learned from Zillow and the power of community and the initiatives Side is building around that concept.

Here is a small preview of today’s interview with Steve. The transcript below has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Tracey Velt: What is it about the teamerage model that has become so popular?

Steve Capezza: It comes down to three things. One, this is through the lens of who is going to provide the best value and the best service to buyers and sellers of real estate. This is the most important transaction in someone’s life. Culture eats strategy for breakfast, you will see the most successful teams in the country really focus in on their team culture, core values, and mission. It’s a real thing. When you get that right, that resonates to every member of your team, and then expresses itself in the customer experience.

The second thing is one of the issues in the business of real estate today. A lot of time, servicing lots and lots of buyers and sellers is not good for anyone. What ends up happening there is you see a lack of standards being delivered to the consumer, consistently across the industry team or just solve that problem because they have standards that everyone needs to align the line with. And then finally, with demand generation, teamerages tend to provide the resources that enable the coaching and developing skills for the agents more so than you see in other models.

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