Residents condemn homophobic and racist graffiti scrawled on Promenade before Morecambe Pride

The ‘Take the Plunge’ mural on the central Promenade was damaged by the graffiti

Residents have condemned “absolutely disgusting” homophobic and racist graffiti which was scrawled on the Promenade before Morecambe Pride.

The graffiti, which included homophobic slurs, violent messages and the Nazi swastika, was covered or removed on Saturday morning, and reported to the police.

Lizzi Collinge, a local county councillor, said: “It was extremely disturbing to see what seems to be a targeted hate attack against Morecambe Pride.”

The graffiti appeared on the sea wall along the Promenade, and on ‘Welcome to Morecambe’ and ‘Keep Morecambe clean’ notices, overnight on Friday/Saturday.

Damage was also caused to the ‘Take the Plunge’ and ‘Fantastic Morecambe’ murals in the central Promenade area (see below).

Morecambe Pride took place on Saturday starting with a parade along the Battery and live entertainment in the Bay Arena on the central Promenade.

Robert Mee, organiser of Morecambe Pride, said he felt “absolutely broken” to see the graffiti “after putting in nine months’ work” to organise the event.

“It proves that Pride is absolutely needed,” said Mr Mee.

“It’s the first time I’ve felt concerned at an event for the people I’m looking after. I’ve never seen it on that scale. It was really frightening.

“A lot of really good people helped us, members of the public. The council reacted quickly.

“Most people in the parade didn’t see it.

“I don’t want to catastrophise what happened today because it gives the people who did it power, and I don’t want to do that.”

Labour County Councillor Collinge (pictured below) said: “Both racist and homophobic graffiti, of an extreme and violent nature, appeared on the prom and was swiftly covered or removed by the City Council.”

Councillor Joanne Ainscough, a Morecambe Labour councillor and cabinet member on Lancaster City Council, said: “Absolutely disgusting to see that someone has sprayed homophobic and racist graffiti overnight, the night before Morecambe Pride. It shows that Pride is still very much needed.”

A spokesperson for the Morecambe Bay Independents thanked “all council staff involved in the rapid removal of Nazi graffiti that appeared on the promenade overnight”.

Here is MBI councillor Brett Cooper helping to clean up the graffiti on Saturday.

Other residents have also posted online or contacted Beyond Radio to express their anger at the graffiti, describing it as “appalling” and “absolutely heartbreaking”.

Pictured below: Pride banners covering racist and homophobic graffiti on the wave reflection wall on Morecambe seafront on Saturday.

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