“Private American” Comic Book Creator Smashes Cancel Culture

Action shot of the protagonist kicking a terrorist

Cover by Richard Bonk

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Private American page by Richard Bonk

The werewolf creature from 'Bronze Star'

‘Bronze Star’ graphic novel

Cancel culture activists won the battle, but award-winning ‘Punisher’ comics writer Mike Baron won the war

This is ‘The Punisher’ that comicbook fans have been missing!””

— David Finn, Signal of Doom Podcast

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Comic book writer Mike Baron spent four decades writing heroes from Punisher to Nexus to The Flash to “Star Wars.” But it wasn’t comic-book villains that he had to overcome in 2023, it was “cancel culture.” And just like many of the classic heroes he wrote for, he walked away victorious, with a massive war chest raised for “Private American’ his new graphic novel about a vigilante fighting cartels on America’s southern border.

Baron reflected on his years of writing the Punisher at Marvel Comics and imagined what a character like that would be doing in 2023 if he were writing it. “The Punisher would be defending our southern border,” Baron says “battling cartels, human traffickers and terrorists exploiting the administration’s failure to protect American sovereignty.”

So Baron created a new hero; an ex-Green Beret sickened by what he sees in his home state of Texas, and seeking justice over the death of a dear friend against the cartels and criminals at the border. But for Baron himself, it wasn’t cartels, street thugs, or terrorists he had to fight. Once he launched the crowdfunding campaign for the graphic novel, another indie comic publisher sought to cancel the campaign by report the project on all the major crowdfunding platforms.

Within hours, each platform suspended the campaign, with one shadow-banning the book. Baron’s team quickly pushed back, appearing on podcasts and YouTube channels, and seeking assistance from the CBLDF and FIRE to help with their fight for artistic freedom and free speech. FOX News covered the story that same week, and the team sent their supporters directly to the website theprivateamerican.com, which directed customers where they could order the book.

The result was a huge victory for free speech. The book hauled in nearly $100,000 in pre-orders and began shipping to readers in June. It’s also been getting great reviews. David Finn of the Signal of Doom podcast says “it’s the Punisher the fans have been missing.” The book is now available for order on a new cancel-free, crowdfunding platform called FundMyComic.com. Baron’s team also hired the Dhillon Law Group to begin proceedings against those that deplatformed his book.

Now the Eisner award winning comicbook writer has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for his latest graphic novel, a Weird Western called “Bronze Star” over on Fund My Comic as well, which Baron says is the best work of illustrator Pat Broderick’s career, and where they’ve been assured they will never be canceled, but Baron is still sending his readers to bronzestarcomic.com as a precautionary measure.

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