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Prague 2 Removed Over 3,000 Square Meters of Graffiti in the Last Year


In the future years, the Prague 2 Municipal District will continue its anti-graffiti campaign. It has been in operation since 2010.

In just one year, 3,206 square metres of graffiti were erased in Prague 2, at a cost of more than CZK 2.6 million.

Last year, the area of undesired graffiti removed from building facades topped 1,400 square meters, while the area of parks exceeded 1,700 square meters.

The initiative involves 711 houses, and demand grows year after year, with over 100 additional sign-ups last year alone. “Prague 2 is a lovely residential area with many historically significant buildings and a distinct genius loci.” “We don’t want any spray-painted houses or monuments,” stated Alexandra Udženija (ODS), Mayor of Prague 2.

However, the number of vandals is on the rise. “The number of illegal graffiti on Prague 2’s territory has recently increased. As many as half of all citizen complaints that I receive are over illegal graffiti and drawings, both in public and on the façade of private houses. And the damage to historic and listed buildings is increasing,” stated Deputy Mayor Jan Recman (ODS).

The removal technology combines mechanical washing with high-pressure hot water and chemical agent application. The process needs a great deal of human work.

Right on the spot, operators carry out testing, based on the information about the surface (plaster type, façade paint, damage seriousness etc.) and the quality of the paint, and decide on the combination of water pressure and temperature and the use of chemicals, together with the technological procedure.

Prague’s residents can report graffiti to the municipality using a mobile application called “Bez Graffiti”.

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