Penguiana Memecoin Announces Early Sell-Out of $Pengu Presale and Exciting Launch of Guiana NFT

In a stunning showcase of demand and community engagement, Penguiana, a standout Solana-based meme coin, has announced the completion of its $PENGU token presale, which sold out in record time, raising just over 3000 SOL with eight days remaining until the scheduled end.

The $PENGU tokens are scheduled to be listed on Raydium at a price 50% higher than the presale price.

This remarkable achievement underscores the dual appeal of $PENGU—not only as a meme coin but also as a vital component of an upcoming play-to-earn game.

Introducing the 3D Animated Play-to-Earn Game

Set to redefine the gaming experience on the blockchain, Penguiana‘s upcoming game is a 3D fluid animated adventure designed in Unity.

Players will navigate through immersive environments, dodging obstacles and collecting points (Fishes) while earning $PENGU tokens.

While the game will be free for all to enjoy, earning in-game rewards will require players to own and authenticate a GUIANA NFT, making gameplay both accessible and rewarding.

Exclusive Launch of GUIANA NFTs

The introduction of GUIANA NFTs marks a significant milestone for the Penguiana ecosystem. Comprising 1000 unique 3D Penguin NFTs, these digital assets represent more than just art; they embody a player’s Web3 persona within the game.

Initially, GUIANA NFT holders will enjoy the ability to earn in-game rewards, with future plans allowing for AI-driven customization of these NFTs to enhance their uniqueness and utility.

Due to their limited nature, only 1000 players will have the opportunity to play and earn in the initial stages of the game’s launch.

The GUIANA NFTs will be available for minting in exchange for 50,000 $PENGU tokens each, emphasizing the token’s integral role within the ecosystem.

Sales will be capped at 10 NFTs per wallet to ensure broad distribution and engagement within the community.

Upcoming Events and Security Assurance

The minting of GUIANA NFTs is scheduled for mid-June, with enthusiasts and potential buyers encouraged to stay informed via Penguiana’s Telegram and Discord channels.

Additionally, a highly anticipated game trailer is set to be released by the end of next month, offering a sneak peek into the exciting gameplay and vibrant world of Penguiana.

Following comprehensive audits by VitalBlock, Penguiana reassures its community of the paramount importance placed on security and protection, ensuring a safe and reliable gaming and trading environment.

Whether you’re looking to invest or simply engage with a cutting-edge blockchain gaming project, Penguiana offers an unparalleled opportunity.

Buy $PENGU tokens now when listed on Raydium and prepare to dive into a world of digital penguins and lucrative rewards!

Join the Penguiana Community

As Penguiana continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the excitement within the community is palpable.

Potential investors, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts are invited to join the vibrant Penguiana community to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and participate in shaping the future of this promising project.





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