New Jobs: Steve Morris at Rebellion; Mad Cave hires three

Some comings and goings in the comics industry:

§ In an astonishing turn of events, Rebellion, publisher of 2000 AD, Judge Dredd as well as  an array of books and game, other well known comics, has hired Steve Morris as Marketing Manager for 2000 AD & Graphic Novels.

photo of steve morris

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Morris is currently the editor of the excellent comics criticism site, Shelfdust, but also has a shocking past as the Managing Editor right here at The Beat! Just how he will reconcile his peaceful, bunny-loving nature with working on the violent world of Judge Dredd remains to be seen, but we know he’s the man for the job.

We’re told that Steve will “work closely” with the 2000 AD Brand Manager, Michael Molcher, to “market and publicize Rebellion’s growing stable of new comics and extensive archive of more than a century of British comics publishing.” In his new position, he will oversee marketing and advertising and such but will also be the main press contact for media outlets, reviewers, and influencers. Who’s the captain now, eh?

While a dashing comic book journalist by night, by day, Steve’s secret identity was previously as a Marketing Manager for Ryley Wealth Management. In his spare time he wrote for outlets that weren’t the Beat, but we won’t speak of that.

Other Rebellion personnel were pleased with the hire. Publishing Manager Beth Lewis said: “I’m delighted to have Steve join the team. His knowledge and passion for 2000 AD, and his experience within the comics industry, is a great asset to our growing department.”

Morris has his own take: “The deeper I dive down the rabbit-hole of Rebellion’s extensive, surprising, and challengingly prophetic back catalogue, the clearer it’s been to me that the continued success of 2000 AD is one of the most impressive creative achievements in comics history.

“I’m incredibly excited to be able to cross through The Forbidden Door and move from comics criticism into comics marketing, working alongside the (apparently robotic?) teams at both 2000 AD and The Treasury of British Comics to increase global levels of Thrill-Power even further beyond their recommended limits. The other great news is that Tharg promises me the grafts won’t hurt anymore if I just stop scratching them!”

He is indeed the man for the job, and we wish him all the best!

§ In not not involving Beat alumni, Mad Cave continues its ramp up by hiring three new editors, Adam WallentaMarla Eizik, and Christina Harrington, who bring a wide range of experience to the publisher. Editor-in-Chief, Mike Marts said that “the three of them offer a fantastic blend of experience in mainstream comics, children’s publishing and independent comics. The sky is the limit for Mad Cave–this is just the beginning.” Indeed it is, as the publisher has been having a growth spurt since acquiring Papercutz, hiring Marts, and signing some big licensing deals. 

Here’s the new line-up:

Adam Wallenta has worked in the comic book industry and in children’s publishing for almost 30 years as an artist, author, editor and publisher. He is the co-creator of the Ringo Award-winning Punk Taco graphic novel series with his son, and the official Public Enemy comic book series with Chuck D, among many others. Adam is also a professional educator and loves making music and gardening.

“I am extremely excited to work for Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz,” said Adam Wallenta“I look forward to contributing to an amazing team, known for producing top-quality books, and sharing my experience as a creator, editor and publisher, to help continue the tradition of bringing ground-breaking new books to life for readers of all ages.”

Marla Eizik has worked in the comics publishing industry for several years, most recently at TKO Studios and Image Comics. They have freelanced as an editor and writer for over a decade. When they’re not reading comics, you can find Marla harassing her cats, running long distances (I know, it’s gross), watching bad movies with her friends, and spending too much money at the delicious restaurants in their current city of Portland, OR.

“I could not be happier to join the incredible people at Mad Cave as Editor,” said Marla Eizik. “I’m so impressed by how solid this company is, and how welcoming everyone has been to me and the new editors. I’m excited to make more comics! Woo!” 

Christina Harrington is a writer and editor living in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband, their dog, Rocket, and too many comic books. She received her M.F.A. in writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and has almost ten years of experience working in the industry, first in the X-Men editorial group at Marvel Comics, before moving on to AfterShock Comics, as managing editor. In her free time, Christina can be found hiking the Shawangunk Mountains, tasting local craft beer, and trying to get her dog to stop barking.

“I am very pleased to continue to work with the fabulous Mad Cave team in my new capacity as editor,” said Christina Harrington“I have been consistently impressed with my co-workers during my time in the sales department, and it just feels right to make my editorial home here, too. We have some great projects on the slate for next year that I think are really going to make people excited! Stay tuned, cool stuff ahead.” 

(Disclosure: Mad Cave is a sponsor of this site.)

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