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Meta Masters Guild Relaunches NFT Store, Bringing Improvements and New NFTs

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the number of crypto projects exploring novel use cases, with Web3 gaming being one of the most promising areas. Out of the numerous projects that have entered this market, Meta Masters Guild has stood out as a top performer by utilizing decentralized technology to construct a diverse ecosystem of games that could have a lasting impact on the gaming industry.

The project has relaunched its NFT store, introducing many new features that should excite players and attract new individuals to its ecosystem.

NFT Store Relaunch Brings New NFTs, More Launches Coming

The team recently revealed that it has relaunched its NFT store, which has been a huge talking point within the community. The new release will see new features and NFTs, which will no doubt add to the retention of users on the platform.

One of the most significant of these new elements is the fact that there are new Meta Kart Racers gold and platinum NFTs. These can be purchased now and used in the lite version of the game, which is set to be released on July 23. Additionally, one can also make purchases using either ETH or MEMAG now. There will also be new discount codes with 20% valid until the 18th May-23 – code name MEMAG20.

For those who don’t know, the rarity of the NFTs determines various stats, such as strength, agility, and range for characters; and acceleration, top speed, and braking for karts. Each of the ERC-721 NFTs is fully upgradeable, which is another nice touch.

There will be additional launches in the last half of 2023. Q3 will see the launch of a marketplace where players can sell their NFTs. In Q4, the team will enable NFT staking. With this, NFT holders will be able to earn yield by renting out their NFTs to other players.

A Web3 Gaming Platform Like No Other 

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Here’s a quick brief on the platform itself: Meta Masters Guild is a mobile gaming guild that functions on the Web3 platform, with a primary focus on games but offering several other features as well. The guild is presently developing multiple games. 

The MEMAG token forms the foundation of this platform and can be used in various ways. Users can earn gems by participating in games that can be converted into MEMAG tokens. They can also purchase or acquire NFTs from the store, stake tokens, and NFTs for returns, exchange MEMAG tokens for other cryptocurrencies like ETH and USDT, and build collections with NFTs to generate profits.

One of the primary reasons for the rapid growth of Meta Masters Guild is its $100,000 giveaway contest. Interested users can participate in the giveaway by completing some basic social actions, after which they will be eligible to win significant prizes. It is worth noting that the giveaway is still open, and individuals who wish to participate can do so before it closes.

Following a successful presale of the MEMAG token, Meta Masters Guild gained a significant boost in popularity upon the introduction of its staking facility. On March 15, the staking feature was launched, and it has since reached a remarkable milestone of over 50 million MEMAG tokens staked.

At present, there are three staking pools available, each with varying lockup periods of 7, 30, and 90 days, offering APRs of 75%, 7.5%, and 15%, respectively.

In addition to the staking feature, the team has also released an NFT store that provides gamers with a limited supply of NFTs for use in games. An improved version of the store with enhanced user experience and additional NFT rarity classes is expected to be launched soon.

Several Games for Players to Try

Nonetheless, the main highlight of the project is its games. The team is set to release a fully playable “lite” version of its Meta Kart Racers game, developed by Gamearound, a UK-based game development company, in June or July. This mobile PvP racing game is similar to popular arcade racing games in the market and is expected to generate a great deal of excitement among gamers.

Meta Kart Racers, which is presently in its second development phase, is a competitive racing game where players participate in the Meta Kart Championship while avoiding the Meta overlords. Players can earn gems based on their performance, which can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens.

Apart from Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters Guild has two more games under development, albeit further from release. Meta Masters World is an extensive open-world metaverse that allows players to explore, while Raid NFT is a turn-based fighting game.

Meta Masters Guild Can Be Pioneering

Meta Masters Guild is setting an example for the gaming industry and showcasing how other blockchain-based projects can fully utilize technology. The staking feature provided by Meta Masters Guild offers profitable opportunities for token holders, making it a worthwhile endeavor for those who missed out on the presale to consider checking out the revamped NFT store. 

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