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Marvel Studios Founder David Maisel Unveils Ekos Genesis Art Collection


Marvel Studios founder David Maisel’s IP entertainment firm Mythos Studios unveils the  Ekos Genesis Art Collection: a 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art.

The Ethereum-based Ekos Genesis Art Collection features artworks by famous comic book artists Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald.

The NFT collection features characters from Fathom and the Ekos, Turner’s final project that was not yet published when he died due to bone cancer in 2008.

The Ekos Genesis collection comprises 1/1 artworks inspired by Marvel comics and films, the Pop Art movement, Marvel’s black light posters of the ’70s, the neon lights of Broadway, and Web3’s embrace of gold and silver grails.

The collection can be currently viewed on The auction of the collection is on May 2 at 10 AM PT in a Dutch-style format. The Ekos Genesis Art will be revealed on June 27, 2023, which is reportedly a very special date for the team.

A total of 995 Ekos Genesis artworks will be up for auction whose starting mint price is 10 ETH. 20 pieces are reserved for partners and contributors outside of the Ekos Genesis team.

Mythos Studios announced the pre-auction opens on April 24 at 10 AM PT along with early collector benefits. The entertainment studio is also offering a Top Collector Reward.

Interested users who place a deposit of 10 ETH or more by May 1, will secure at least one piece of 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art from the Ekos Genesis Art Collection, given all 995 Ekos Genesis Art pieces are not sold out.

The Early Collector Bonus is an Ekos Genesis Art Portrait with 100 Ekos Genesis Art Portraits available in total supply which is all 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art. 

This Early Collector Bonus will go to the first 100 early deposits of 10 ETH with a limit of 5 per wallet. The sequence in which the early deposits are received will decide the priority of the selection. 

David Maisel stated “We’ve worked so hard to create this Ekos Genesis Art Collection and we’re now extremely excited to give people a chance to own this Ekos-inspired 1-of-1 original hand-crafted digital art. This wouldn’t be possible without Web3.”

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