Iván Bravo Architects’ latest residential project merges private and public spaces in a structure that is both rural and contemporary

Puerto Varas, Chile

Considered both contemporary and rural, residential and utilitarian, Ivan Bravo Architects’ Aladino House has a distinctive geometrical shape that contrasts with the wild surroundings to highlight the difference between the natural and the built.

Aladino House by  Ivan Bravo Architects

The structure is designed as a residence of the local park ranger and his wife but it is also an information center for the visitors of the

The building is located in a clearing between the trees, on stilts that separate it almost a meter from the ground, allowing to maintain the riverbeds that run towards a small lagoon in front of the main façade.

Divided into two halves, the house houses a double program: reception and cellar of a residential park and housing of the guardian of the estate. 

The geometry of the building determines that all the interior spaces have an identical section and the same circulation, through a series of central doors that run from end to end each enclosure and, therefore, the entire building. 

Aladino House by  Ivan Bravo Architects

The non-existence of a corridor eliminates any possible hierarchy and exposes every corner of the work to those who walk through it.

The structural system is expressed both inside and outside and is made up of a single element of raw and wet wood that is invariably repeated every 60cm. 

A cross beam every two modules define the scale of each enclosure and the existence of mezzanines. 

This system makes it possible to do without walls and to shape the interior only from two roof planes supported by each other, elongating the height of the house to give space for habitation.

Project: Aladino House
Architects: Ivan Bravo Architects
Lead Architect: Ivan Bravo
Collaborator: Martín Rojas
Client: Private
Photographers: Mark Zegers

Future House Awards 2023

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