I Drank Hailey Bieber’s Erewhon ‘Skin Glaze’ Smoothie Every Day for a Week—Here’s What I Learned

I’ve never been a skilled math student, but as I see it, if one Skin Glaze smoothie is supposed to give me a skin glow-up, then a week of Skin Glaze smoothies should legally have to make me at least 30% hotter, right? Luckily, I work at an outlet willing to reimburse me to test out that theory (which comes in particularly handy given that a week’s worth of daily Erewhon smoothies will set you back a cool $140). So without further ado, I present to you my week of Skin Glaze smoothies, rest, relaxation, and (spoiler) persistent gastrointestinal distress.

Day One: Monday, July 24

Reference photo of skin before Smoothie #1:

I stride into the Silver Lake Erewhon feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, unable to believe that my job for the day is to drink an expensive celebrity-hewn smoothie. This location is absolutely teeming with cool teenagers buying $40 bottles of water after soccer camp, but I try not to let it get me down; even before I take my first sip, I’m feeling okay about my skin thanks to constant sunscreen and Everyday Oil application, so I can only imagine how much better-looking I’ll be once I get a Skin Glaze smoothie down the hatch. It works instantly, like poison in cartoons, right?

I take my first sip. Mmm, delicious chalk. The color is supposed to be bright pink, according to the internet, but it comes out more of a faded beige; it genuinely tastes like a treat and not a nauseating wellness supplement, but even I, a champion eater who has never had a problem housing, say, an entire large popcorn at the movies, can’t finish the whole thing. I hand the remaining half of the smoothie to my partner before we go swimming at our local public pool, and I have to admit that I finish my set of ten laps significantly faster than usual. Has Hailey been marketing this thing wrong? Is it actually a sports drink?

9:32 p.m. update: my partner sleepily told me my skin looked great as we were getting in bed, to which I responded by sitting up straight and loudly reminding them that I had just started my smoothie regimen. Had they remembered? No, they hadn’t, they swore, they had just genuinely thought my skin looked great and told me so unprompted. Put a W on the board, folks!

Day Two: Tuesday, July 25

Reference photo of skin before Smoothie #2:

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