Harry, Meghan, Kate and the Queen appear as street art in Bristol

Four members of the royal family have appeared across Bristol thanks to Italian street artist Tvboy.

Prince Harry remains on the back of a telephone box in the centre and the late Queen Elizabeth is on a wall in Spike Island, but an image of Kate the Princess of Wales and Meghan the duchess of Sussex has already disappeared.

The artworks are paste-ups, with the outline of the glue previously holding up Kate and Meghan still visible where the piece used to be on Bell Lane just off Small Street in the Old City.

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Kate and Meghan are both in their wedding dresses in Tvboy’s paste-up – photo: Tvboy

But by Monday afternoon, the piece was no longer in situ – photo: Martin Booth

Tvboy had painted Kate and Meghan in their wedding dresses, with the pair both holding the Progress Pride flag.

The piece was on the side of Betties & Baldwins close to the line of Bristol’s medieval city wall.

[embedded content]

“The invasion begins,” wrote Tvboy on Instagram as he posted a video of the Harry paste-up close to Ka:Fei, which shows the prince holding his recently published autobiography in one hand and a wedge of £20 notes in the other.

A crown is on the floor next to Harry, with Tvboy calling the piece Prince Harry in Rebel Without a Crown in a homage to James Dean in the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause.

Prince Harry in Rebel Without a Crown – photo: Martin Booth

Queen Elizabeth II can be found on Sydney Row in Spike Island opposite the Orchard Inn and on the side of the same building which also has Banksy’s Girl With a Pierced Eardrum.

Wearing white gloves, she is carrying a photograph of her son, King Charles, and a blue bucket, with a spraycan by her feet and the words ‘God save my son’ on the wall.

At first glance, the former monarch appears formally dressed, but look more closely and she is wearing a padlock around her neck, the collar of her dress is adorned with studs and her white gloves are held on by drawing pins.

A post-punk Queen Elizabeth – photo: Martin Booth

Tvboy’s two other pieces in Bristol are both in St Paul’s.

The first on the side of St Paul’s Learning Centre on Grosvenor Road features two children holding spraycans, writing the words ‘stop hate’.

The second on City Road shows a police officer arresting someone wearing a black hoodie with Banksy written on the back and the words ‘unstoppable’ sprayed on the wall.

Behind the pseudonym Tvboy is Salvatore Benintende, an Italian neo-pop street artist born in 1980 who studied graphic design at college.

He is known for his depictions of current affairs, has been described as “the Banksy of Barcelona” having started his street art there in 1996 as well as holding an exhibition at the Mudec museum in Milan and publishing several books.

In January, Tvboy was invited by humanitarian organisation Cesvi to travel to Bucha and Irpin in Ukraine in order to bring positivity with his art.

Main photo: Tvboy

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