Graffiti found on Sandy Hook memorial playground in Watertown


WATERTOWN, CT (WFSB) – Watertown officials and residents have been expressing their frustration with an act of graffiti vandalism at one of the town’s playgrounds.

Residents said it’s one thing to vandalize a playground. It’s another to vandalize a memorial.

Those two things are one in the same in Watertown’s Veterans Memorial Park.

The playscape was one of 26 erected in honor of the victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that happened in 2012.

Within the last week, park goers noticed some unsanctioned additions.

“[There was] spray paint and graffiti on parts of the paneling,” described Theresa Evans, a park goer.

Vice chair of the town council Mary Ann Rosa said the parks department was able to scrub off the markings.

“It costs money that we haven’t budgeted,” Rosa said.

Officials told Channel 3 vandalism has happened at the playground more than once

“Young people are not really responsible for some of the things they’re doing, so we monitor as much as we can,” Rosa said. “We do have some security cameras available, but it’s not in the entire park.”

The equipment has been cleaned again, for now.

While graffiti is about leaving one’s mark behind, town officials hoped to appeal to a different sense of symbolism here.

“It’s very special to us,” Rosa said.

Evans agreed that the vandalism felt like extra salt in the wound.

“I would say so,” she said. “To have vandalism take place in space like this, it’s heartbreaking.”

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