Graffiti Artist Vandalizes Walt Disney World Property

An unfortunate situation took place at Walt Disney World Resort today.

The Disney Parks are known for providing incredible immersive theming, thrilling rides, magical character interactions, and top-notch hospitality. When it comes to theme Parks, there is no competitor that is able to do what Disney does as successfully as they are. Disney’s top-of-the-line theme Park experience is so exceptional, Guests continue to come back year after year to stay up to date on all of the incredible offerings.

One of the things that Disney prides itself in is upholding an exceptional standard of cleanliness on their Resorts property. Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known for being free of garbage and unnecessary eyesores. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort yesterday, July 31.

WDW castle

Credit: Disney

Hollywood Studios Overpass Covered in Graffiti

One thing that Disney has a low tolerance for is vandalism. Disney feels very strongly that graffiti should not be found anywhere on Disney property. Usually, Disney covers up graffiti immediately after it appears, but yesterday, some Guests caught a glimpse of some unsightly paint on Disney property.

A Guest captured a picture of some spray paint on the side of the Hollywood Studios overpass at Victory Way. The art was found right after the sign directing Guests to ESPN Wide World of Sports.

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Hollywood Studios overpass graffitied at Victory Way.
by u/bilboballs in WaltDisneyWorld

Guests Shocked by WDW Vandalization

After the photo circulated Walt Disney World’s Reddit threads, Guests began sharing their confusion and annoyance over the graffiti. It seems so silly to vandalize Disney property with what seems to be such a random symbol. Some Guests were also surprised that Disney hadn’t already begun to take it down.

epcot monorail

Credit: Brian McGowan on Unsplash

According to some Guests in the comment section, fans claim that the artwork is already gone from the overpass. Have you ever seen graffiti at Walt Disney World Resort?

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