Get the Right Representation for Your Next Commercial Lease or Sale with The Rants Group

Real estate may seem like a simple enough transaction to jump into as a new business or a property owner, but in reality, it is quite complex. Having a trusted expert there to support you and advocate for your needs make a huge difference in leasing commercial property. The Rants Group provides representation for both parties involved in commercial real estate so tenants and landlords alike can walk away happy. If you are in the market for a new space for your business or you’re ready to lease out your commercial property, the commercial real estate brokers at The Rants Group in Olympia are here to help.

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The Rants Group works diligently with each client to help them find the best commercial space for their business. Photo credit: Billy Christensen

Commercial Lease or Sale Representation Geared Toward Your Needs and Interests

When it comes to real estate, things can become complicated very quickly when contracts start to come into play, especially with commercial property. Dissecting the details of a lease agreement or a buyer’s contract can be burdensome to the average person, and may result in the new tenant not getting what they need out of the deal. “Most times, a business entering into negotiations with a landlord doesn’t know what to ask for, or more importantly what they aren’t asking for,” says Vice President and Broker Danielle Rants, CCIM. “It is difficult for them to interpret certain clauses and how that will affect them down the road.”

A point of confusion is when the tenant begins communicating their asks to the landlord’s broker. Unfortunately, they often don’t realize that the landlord’s broker is primarily looking out for their client, and won’t take into consideration the needs of the tenant the way one might think. “The tenant starts dealing with the landlord’s broker thinking they can get what they want, but the broker is working for the landlord,” Danielle explains. “They are not going to advise them to ask for the things that benefit tenants, like an improvement allowance. If the tenant had a broker of their own, they could be negotiating more fairly.”

Landlord’s brokers aren’t intentionally disregarding the tenant’s needs, but simply have an obligation and duty first and foremost to their client, so negotiations can become messy with mixed signals if the tenant is not aware of this dynamic.

As an average person, you may not be as privy to trends and legal issues within the real estate market. This could leave you at a disadvantage when you choose to represent yourself or pursue listings for your business on your own. “We are in the market all the time and understand the current market conditions,” shares President Pat Rants, CCIM CPM. “Since the last time the person negotiated a lease, a lot could have changed, like rents or the market itself being more geared for landlords or tenants.” By working with a commercial real estate broker, you can trust you will have someone that understands these important aspects of commercial real estate so you can secure the best deal for yourself and your business.

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Finding the right lease for your business can help it thrive for years to come. Photo credit: Billy Christensen

Personal Attention and Care with The Rants Group Broker Team

Beyond the fine-print and negotiations, The Rants Group seeks to truly care for each and every client by considering their needs and supporting them wherever they can. “We have been doing this for such a long time in a small community, and we work really hard to make sure that both parties are happy in the end,” says Managing Broker Carolyn Graden, CCIM. “We ask all of the essential questions upfront to make sure once we turn over the landlord and tenant, it is going to be a happy marriage.” Understanding this emotional, human element of real estate allows brokers to really develop a positive foundation for landlords and tenants and helps minimize stress throughout the agreement.

The commercial real estate brokers of The Rants Group are well-connected within the community and have good relationships with other real estate brokers in the area. This eases the tension and frustration in the process since good rapport can foster open communication and ensure both parties get what they need in the transaction. “It is very easy for us to ask a question about the property and have a great exchange of information to help facilitate things in a timely manner,” Carolyn shares. Rather than worrying about a back-and-forth or stalemate, The Rants Group works collaboratively with brokers in the area to find the right fit for every client.

The Rants Group truly sets themselves apart as a leader in the real estate industry. Their knowledge team of brokers have obtained Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) standing. “It is like getting a master’s degree in commercial real estate,” explains Carolyn. “It involves several years of classes and testing to show a high level of expertise and to be a better broker.” With this designation, you can trust that your Rants Group broker will have the knowledge to act in accordance with laws and ethics while pursuing your interests. Additionally, The Rants Group operates as brokers and property managers, so they are able to look long-term beyond the initial lease agreement and understand how the lease is going to work for everyone over the years. With insight into both sides, their team can set you up for success in your next lease.

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The Rants Group understands market trends for commercial real estate in Olympia. Photo credit: Billy Christensen

Secure Your Next Lease with The Rants Group

Commercial real estate can be overwhelming, but with the commercial broker team at The Rants Group, it can be made simple. You’ll have someone you can turn to with questions who really cares about your needs and will represent your interests from start to finish. Contact The Rants Group today to get connected with your own commercial broker and find the next spot for your local business!

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