Elon Musk Tweets a Milady NFT, Floor Price Soars on OpenSea


Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday delighted fans of the counterculture non-fungible token (NFT) collection Miladys, when he shared a meme containing the instantly recognizable image of one of the avatar NFTs overlaid with the words, “There is no meme, I love you.”

The collection instantly shot to the top trending spot on NFT marketplace OpenSea, with the floor price briefly hitting an all-time high of 7.3 ETH (approximately $13,700), then dipping back down to 5.6 ETH at press time. The collection has seen a 59% increase in floor price over the past seven days.

Miladys are a profile-pic (PFP) NFT consisting of 9,823 NFTS featuring wide-eyed childlike faces. Despite the innocent imagery, the collection has faced controversy over conspiracy theories and slurs shared by the creator behind Remilia and the project, known as Charlotte Fang, Charlie Fang, or Charlemagne. Remilia’s CEO admitted that he was behind an offensive twitter account and other posts and left the project.

Edited by Stephen Alpher.

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