Dogecoin Founder Says He Would Buy Neither Meme Coins Nor NFTs

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Yuri Molchan

Prominent crypto influencer does not believe in meme coins or non-fungible tokens as investment tools

IT engineer Billy Markus, who created the original (and now iconic) meme coin DOGE together with Jackson Palmer back in 2013, has stated many times that he does not invest in crypto or NFTs, giving solid reasons.

Now, he has again reminded the community that he does not believe in NFTs and would invest $1,000 neither in them nor in meme coins, which have become popular over the past three years in the crypto space.

“Would buy neither meme coins nor NFTs”

A tweet by Twitter user @3orovik inquiring as to whether he would buy meme coins or non-fungible tokens if he had $1,000 to spare, Billy Markus stated laconically “neither.”

A week ago, Markus posted a tweet, in which he clearly referred to investing in crypto as “investing in mental illness.” When asked about NFTs, Billy responded that these are crypto derivatives and “it’s like even more mentally ill.”

In another tweet published today, Markus explained what reasons, as he sees them, impact Bitcoin price rises and falls. According to the DOGE co-founder, BTC ups and downs happen for inexplicable, random reasons. He tweeted that nobody knows why it happens for sure and if an influencer or a media outlet claims they do, that is a lie.

As for Bitcoin falls, he sarcastically explained that phenomenon as happening “obviously, because you panic sold.”

DOGE creator repeats his “Dogecoin disclaimer”

Billy has once again made clear his relations with Dogecoin and whether he is currently involved with it professionally.

Markus tweeted that he quit working on Doge ten years ago, exactly after it was launched in 2013. He wrote that he does not represent DOGE and that he does not care about the success of other coins and tokens.

When Markus published a similar tweet previously, he also sort of disclosed how much Dogecoin he personally holds, and it was “very little.”

New DOGE pair added by Binance

Earlier today, major global crypto exchange Binance spread the word about adding another Dogecoin-based trading pair for its customers. DOGE can now be traded against the TrueUSD stablecoin, which Binance uses to replace BUSD.

As reported by U.Today, earlier this year, Paxos stopped issuing BUSD over regulatory issues, and Binance began burning its stablecoin and gradually replacing it with TUSD in trading pairs.

TUSD has recently begun to be supported as a native token on the BNB Chain (previously known as Binance Smart Chain).

As of this writing, Dogecoin is changing hands at $0.07965 after a drop of 2.65% within the past 24 hours, according to data shared by CoinMarketCap.

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